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Moving with the Stories Written in Your Stars 













A 6-Week Series
Live on Thursdays July 29, Aug 5, 12, 19, 26, Sept 2
9am - 11am Pacific, 12 - 2pm Eastern, 18-20h CET

or experience the journey via recording.



Open to all genders


Katy Avila 




You are the universe experiencing itself.

You are the macro of the micro, the micro of the macro.

You are the cosmos, incarnate.

We live in a grand mystery, and the stars are a map of the greater human story.  Since the beginning of time, astrologers, storytellers, and stargazers have read the human histories, personal and collective mythologies, karma and destiny inscribed in the starry sky. The myths of the zodiac exist in our collective unconscious, containing timeless wisdom about who we are, and why we are here on this planet. 


Your astrology chart - or the map of the sky when you were born - is a blueprint of your soul’s path,
and the particular energies & archetypes you
are destined to embody in this lifetime. 


In this series, we will not just talk and think about astrology and your chart, but rather journey deeply within the body, with its own tools and connective intelligence, in order to experience the felt energies of the universe, planets and the zodiac that live in us and yearn to express through us.  You will be invited to explore and embody your fullest expression in the world as it is written in the stars through your dance, intuitive movement, breath and imagination. Your body will be invited to the forefront as the channel of feeling the cosmic tides that move you, and enfleshing this star-kissed archetypal blueprint of your life. 


Through this practice, you will not only gain awareness of yourself, your body, and your connection to the cosmos above and all around us, but you will feel into the lessons, wounds, path and purpose of your life on Earth, and learn how your path weaves into the collective cosmic web. 


Gathering together in reverence & in ritual for the cosmos is an ancient tradition. 

Let’s feel our way back to who we are and why we are here, together.


This series is rooted in the Deep-Body methodology® from Intuitive Body and Dance©.






How it Works


We will meet every Thursday via Zoom, over the course of 6 weeks, with a total of 6 gatherings. After each meeting you will be left with journaling prompts & embodiment exercises for deeper integration. 


Thursdays July 29, Aug 5, 12, 19, 26, Sept 2

9am - 11am Pacific, 12 - 2pm Eastern, 18-20h CET
(You may also participate and experience a rich journey via recording.)

July 29 | SESSION ONE: Sun, Moon & Rising 
The Self, the Inner Child & the Mask

Explore these core, personal planets & aspects of the birth chart that compose our unique personality, our internal & emotional landscapes, and how we are perceived in the world. 

Aug 5 | SESSION TWO: Mercury, Venus, & Mars 

The Thinker, the Lover & the Warrior

Experience how the personal planets that represent our mind, the way we relate to others, and how we take action in the world creates the cosmic dance of our life. 

Aug 12 | SESSION THREE: Saturn & Jupiter

Teachers of Structure & Expansion

Embody the contrasting energies of the social planets, and the lessons they teach us in boundaries & boundlessness, form & freedom, discipline & growth.

Aug 19 | SESSION FOUR: Chiron

The Wounded Healer

Move with the asteroid Chiron, which shows us how a particular wound or sensitivity we carry in this life is a hidden portal to our gifts. 

Aug 26 | SESSION FIVE: North & South Node

Your Life Path, Purpose & Evolution

Dance across the axis of evolution, from the lessons of your past life into the unfolding of your destiny.

Sep 2 | SESSION SIX: Uranus, Neptune, Pluto

Dance with the Cosmic Tides of Collective Psyche

Feel into the energies of the generational planets, and the particular energies moving through the cosmos during these unprecedented & fast-changing times.


In-between Sessions

You will be invited to complete journaling prompts and embodiment exercises that will enhance your connection to the archetypal energies of your chart. 


What to Expect 


This practice of embodied astrology is a deep initiation into the soul and will be held as a sacred container. In this course we will:


  • Engage in the ritual of honoring the stars and our bodies.

  • Explore the archetypal energies of our astrology charts
    through transformative embodiment practices.


  • Learn to recognize the body, breath, sensations, feeling,
    movements, imagination and dance as the language of
    the cosmos moving through us.


  • Share, discuss and journal about our particular charts and
    the archetypal energies that are present.


  • Embody a deeper understanding of ourselves, our paths
    and our relationship to the cosmos.

NOTE: It is best if you know the exact time, date and place of your birth to cast your astrological birth chart. If you do not know the exact time, we can make an estimate. 


Full registration for the 6-part series is $222.


You can pay in full or in two monthly payments of $111. 

You may experience this journey live and/or via recording.

about Katy Avila


Katy Avila is an artist and a weaver of body, myth, music, dance, poetry, & the stars. After years of studying music, writing and astrology, she had the visceral sense that something was missing in her creative pursuits - the body. A string of synchronicities led to discovering Intuitive Body & Dance in 2017, training with founder Stefana Serafina, and to becoming certified as a Deep Body® Practitioner through the Embodied Ambassador Facilitator Training in 2020. 


She has since developed four core programs for embodied astrology: MoonBody, We Are Stardust, BODYCOSM and now Body Meets Cosmos. In these courses, she guides transformative practices for moving with and embodying the archetypes, elements, planets, and astrological transits of the zodiac. The people in her courses learn how to live in connection with the magic & mystery of the universe, and evolve through the cycles & mythologies of the cosmos, all through the intelligence of their body.


Katy is currently the primary assistant faculty and project manager for Intuitive Body & Dance, and has taught expressive arts and movement workshops in high schools, yoga studios, medical universities, music festivals and online since 2015. She studies with & assists renowned astrologer Susan Heinz, and holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Antioch University. She is also a musician and sings and plays bass in her band, KATZROAR.

To find out more about Katy and her work, please visit her website at

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