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Move at the Burning Edge of  Your Life
Dare the Questions That Trouble you, Allure you, Scare you, and Ignite You 
Bring What has Been Lost or Abandoned–  Back to Love


Guided by Stefana Serafina

Experience the best of our work with Edge-Walks: Live online immersive experiences + personal outdoor embodied rituals. Join from wherever you are.

 Upcoming live online edge-walks: January 30, February 27, March 27: 2022

Open to all genders 

What Are Edge-Walks?​


In our deep-body® work, an ‘edge-walk’  is an experience of bringing your body, your imagination, intuitive movement and soulful awareness to the burning edge of your life, to the deepest themes and questions that trouble you, allure you, scare you, and ignite you. 

To ‘walk’ the metaphoric and emotional edge  with your whole body participating, moving, intuiting, and engaging the world around you, is a practice of confronting your habitual thinking, shaking up your comfort zone and known identity, and meeting at the “edges of your awareness”* what needs to be seen, acknowledged and brought back to love, so that you can walk your soul path, courageously and with an open heart.


 Moving in the fertile space between the visible and the invisible, you will seek & find lost parts of your soul, your origin, and your vision, while all the while drawing nourishment and power from what our ancients called anima mundi, the soul of the world.

* Bill Plotkin speaks of walking along the edges of our awareness in his Soulcraft work and writing.

How to Edge-walk With Us

  • Our edge-walks are live half-day immersive online experiences offered several times per year, combined with personal outdoor nature walks + rituals wherever you live, after the edge-walk.  

  • Edge-walks are preceded by a personal contemplation or reflection that we invite you to do in the days before the edge-walk. The guidelines for this will be sent in an audio format via email after you register. 

  • During the edge-walk, we work through intuitive and creative movement & dance, guided deep-body journeying, storytelling, body-centered coaching, discussion, reflection, and ritual.

  • After the edge walk, you will a brief discussion + invitation to a personal deep-body ritual in nature, to do on your own timing in the following month, so that you integrate some  of the insights  received during the journey, and  receive more guidance from the natural world on your forward movement. 

  • Each edge-walk will offer you a different edge to walk, as well as plenty of support, guidance, inspiration, and facilitation to go deeper into your inquiries in a distinctly embodied way. A series of edge-walks explores connected themes and offers diverse angles of approaching your core themes and questions. Edge-walking through a series of edge-walks is strongly recommended.

  • Please expect to touch some of your deepest personal cords, while also working with the collective & the mythopoetic psyche, in direct ‘conversation’ with the web of life. 

 Holy Hunger  

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Holy Hunger 

Sunday January 30, 9a–12.30p Pacific, 12–3.30p Eastern, 18-21:30 h Central European Time

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Each of us carries a holy hunger, a unique and piercing longing for something deep and sacred to us, that, often, we have never fully received. 

Holy hunger is what we are starving for, but have likely lost the ability of believing in, or admitting– to the ones we love, and even to ourselves. This hunger is defined by a deeply personal  sacred need that we have learned to mask over, to deny or diminish, to grow a thick crust around, so it doesn’t hurt and doesn’t weaken us with the immense vulnerability it carries. As the crust grows thicker, we may think we are no longer hungry. But the abandoned hunger grows bigger,  into  starvation of spirit, of soul, of body.


Why is this hunger holy? Because it is how our spirit never forgets what we truly long for, and what has most soul and meaning for us. Our holy hunger is the deeply seated truth of our being, and it keeps the codes for who we must be, for what we must find, create  or claim so we can live the only life that will fulfill us.


Our holy hunger holds an enormous life force- but it is too often imprisoned by our denial of it. When unveiled and freed up, our holy hunger strips the costumes of our personas, bears one’s soul,  and puts us back on track.


Our holy hunger has one purpose only: To heal our lives with the ache of our longing and to create no less than what we have always desired.  

Do you dare to become exposed in our holy hunger, to admit that you still crave what you crave, to free the bottled-up power of your longing?

Lover's Bones 

Sunday February 27, 9a–12.30p Pacific, 12–3.30p Eastern, 18-21:30 h Central European Time

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You were born a lover. You are meant to walk the world with the feet of love.  And...Love is edgy. Love is excruciating. Irreplaceable. Tough. 


During this half-day dive, you will be asked to ‘walk’ the burning edge of how you– we– ‘do’ love. 


How you want love. How you receive it. Give it. Allow it. Need it. Push it away. Fear it. Control it. Deny it. Want it to be perfect... 


This edge-walk, in other words, will bring you deep into your relational heart and your relational body and ask you to make amends with the Lover in you.


Here, we will call on the spirit of the old Bone Gathering Woman whose sole purpose in the open deserts where she lives, is to collect the bones of what has been lost. In the old Mexican stories, this bone gatherer, La Huesera, finds and pieces together the bones of wolf, fox, owl, and perhaps human, until the skeleton is perfectly composed again, and then she blows the wild soul back into it, until finally the creature rises in its body again, and runs resurrected toward the horizon of the timeless wild. 


With the help of the mythopoetic medicine of Bone Gathering Woman, we will begin gathering the bones of the lover within us: The many lover’s bones that we have lost to old hurts and to an increasingly protected heart. We will kneel down in the oldest corners of our psychies, crawl beneath our toughest body armor, and search for the bones of the innocent, forgotten, and magnificent Lover that we were always meant to be. 


You will piece back together the full skeleton of the Lover inside you who is longing to rewrite the story of your life into the world. Like Huesera, we will whisper, sing, dance, and pray over our lover’s bones, until we can blow the full spirit of the Lover back into our bodies, and let her run resurrected toward the horizon of what is to come. 

Vision and Vow

Sunday March 27, 9a–12.30p Pacific, 12–3.30p Eastern, 18-21:30 h Central European Time

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“It is said that we are each born with a unique vision, a destiny toward which we are aimed. It is also said that we forget this vision the moment we are born….. Such is the elusive nature of the Vision.

It slips away, yet it guides.”  (Kim Krans)

Your vision is your sacred gift. Many indigenous nations believe that each of us carries a unique vision–  a destined path or mission that must come to fruition in the course of a lifetime. Some Native American people call this a person’s original medicine– which she must find ways to give. Poet David Whyte calls it the “center image you were born with”. A vision is written into our lives, revealed  in increments as we advance on our path, and is supported by the unique set of talents, longings, and inner knowing that we possess for bringing the vision to form. It is often a weaving of smaller steps, bigger initiations, acts of courage, soulful offerings, and life's unfoldings that articulate and carry out our greater vision, over time. 

Your vow is your sacred commitment.  To stand by your word. To take the action (y)our world is bleeding for. To sacrifice your comforts and attachments so as to deliver on your promises to yourself or others. To put yourself through the fire of completing whatever needs competition. To hold yourself with enough integrity & determination to stay where you committed to stay, or arrive where you vowed to arrive.  To vow is to make a promise and then to show up with every inch of your body, spirit, and love to what you vowed for.


The rest, of course, is not up to you... 

The moment we recognize we have a vow to make- a promise to give, a sacred contract to seal– it is as if the whole universe stands still, in recognition that some part of our life’s vision is coming to pass.  Everything is listening, even if nothing or no one is visible.  The forest roots for us. The birds cheer us on.  A seed is planted that must outlast many storms. And the one who is preparing or speaking a vow is embedded into the heart of life’s web– dialoguing with ancestors, with the collective and the undying. The wise ones say that all universal forces will conspire to support you on the journey to honor your vow, and wings will be given when your heart is fully in the promise you have made. 

But vows will put you to the hardest trial... So: How true do you hold to your vows? Do you easily fail to keep your word? And is there now a vow- to yourself, to life, to a project, to an idea, to a person- that you know in your bones it is time to make, so that you can advance the greater vision of your life? 

In this edge-walk, we will: 

  • Begin by walking the burning edge of honesty with ourselves about how well we keep promises, both to ourselves and to others. We will dig up broken vows and unkept promises that need healing and letting go, so we can clear the path of the heart.

  • We will visit the different ‘rooms’ of our lives and feel into the true vow(s) that need to be made so that you fully align with the vision for your life and its flourishing.  What chapter of your vision is it time to commit to? Are you ready to give it your everything? 

  • We will spend some time getting to the heart of the vision you are vowing to.  A vow is always an offering. To vow is to choose how, what, and to whom you are longing to give your gift– your offering. So before signing the sacred contract of a vow, you will be supported to clarify, solidify, and embody your understanding of your unique vision and the offering you are longing to make– the medicine it carries, both for you and for others. 


Registration & Contact 


We strongly recommend journeying through the entire series of edge-walks.  


All who register will receive: ​

  • An audio with invitation to personal contemplation & refection before each edge-walk

  • Access information to participate live in the live half-day immersive 

  • A brief video lesson + guidelines for a personal integrative outdoor ritual after each edge-walk

  • A full, high-quality recordings of each session

  • All guidelines & resources will be to you available for 1 year,  even if you register after the live edge-walk has already passed


You can also register for single edge-walk to participate live and/or to receive the recording .

All three edge-walk immersives:  198 USD


Single edge-walk immersive:  88 USD


Questions or requests?

Send us an email connect@deepbody.org


Upcoming Edge Walks 

Holy Hunger

Sunday, January 30 


Each of us carries a holy hunger, a unique and piercing longing for something deep and sacred to us – it's  how our spirit never forgets what we truly long for. 

Lover's  Bones

 You are meant to walk the world with the feet of love.  And...

Love is excruciating. Irreplaceable. Tough. This edge-walk will bring you into your relational heart, at the edge of how you do love, and will  ask you to resurrect the lost bones of the Lover in you.

 Vision & Vow  

The moment we recognize we have a vow to make,  the whole universe stands still, in recognition that some part of our life’s vision is coming to pass.The forest roots for us. The birds cheer us on...

What chapter of your vision is it time to vow to? Are you ready to give it your everything?

Sunday, March 27

Sunday, February 27 


'There is only one life
you can call your own
and a thousand others
you can call by any name you want.'

David Whyte