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Deep Body Edge-Walks 

  These are live immersions, online. Join from wherever you are. Our current edge-walks series is Somatic movement journeys into parts of us that know us better than we know ourselves– and hold our deeper stories.
Belly. Vulva, Spine.
 November 20, January 22, March 19

Guided by Stefana Serafina

The Edge-Walks are free with our Flame Keepers Membership.

What Are Edge-Walks?​


Stemming from the old traditions of many indigenous nations, the premise of an edge-walk is similar to a medicine walk or a vision quest:  A search for the deeper or lost parts of your soul, your origin, and your vision. In our work, this is done through the powerful intelligence of your deep body, as you move in the fertile space between the visible and the invisible nature


How Edgewalks Work ​ These are live half-day immersive online experiences. After the experience, we will also send you guidelines for a personal integrative walk/ritual to do in nature, wherever you live. The walk/ritual is to complete on your own time. During an edgewalk, we work through intuitive and creative movement & dance, guided deep-body journeying, storytelling, body-centered coaching, community discussion, reflection, and ritual. Each edge-walk will offer you a different edge to walk, as well as plenty of support, guidance, inspiration, and facilitation to go deeper into your inquiries in a distinctly embodied way. A series of edge-walks explores connected themes and offers diverse angles of approaching your core themes and questions. Edge-walking through a series of edge-walks is strongly recommended​ ​

Heading 5
Sunday, Nov 19



Sunday November 20, 9a–12.30p Pacific, 12–3.30p Eastern, 18-21:30h Central European

From the umbilical cord and ever after, the belly is the center of life in our bodies–– a place of utter intelligence, utter sensitivity and utter responsibility for the human homeostasis. Both ancient medicine and modern science have called the gut ‘the other brain’, and most of us, especially women, have a truly complex relationship to our bellies, filled with cultural and personal conflict– and with possibility. 

Our culture has imprinted us with ideas of the wrongness of our bellies: Too big, too flabby, protruding vs. tucked in, not ‘toned’ enough, the eternal need to ‘cut back’, the demonizing of belly fat... To “stomach” our feelings, yet “suck in” our bellies is the accepted norm. No wonder our bellies are too often battlefields with a broken balance, signaling to us that our thoughts, beliefs and attitudes toward the most tender parts of our bodies are critical for our wellbeing!

In the Belly edgewalk we will journey into our own bellies in a deeply somatic way, and learn from the intelligence of our gut. We will connect with our bellies as storehouses of emotions and instincts, and the seat of intuition.  We will explore and travel through our own “underbelly”– the less visible and understood part of what troubles us, of what we have not been able to ‘stomach’, what has accumulated and needs  release, what is stagnating and cries for movement. We will, in other words, seek to restore metabolism at the deepest level,  a restoration and rebalancing of the gut, emotionally, physically, spiritually. We will confront and begin dismantling the social ideas that shape our relationship to our bellies and gut, and re-allow the natural life and intelligence of Belly to flourish and nourish us. 


Sunday January 22, 9a–12.30p Pacific, 12–3.30p Eastern, 18-21:30h Central European

See the time in your time zone

A portal to the inner world, a gatekeeper to our most sacred place inside, a seat of the erotic intelligence of the female body, Vulva invites us to a journey into the mysteries, pleasures, protections, and powers of the female form.  Vulva is not just one thing: She is rather the fullness of the sexual organ of the female body that includes the inner and outer lips (the other mouth), our 'vestibule'–the vaginal opening, and our pleasure parlor, the clitoris. And although in modern definitions, we think of the vulva as the external sexual organ, the truth is that it extends deeply inward, it opens the doors into our bodies and guides the way into the deep– and in its ancient Latin origin, the word vulva actually meant womb. To tap the even greater significance of our vulvas, we must keep in mind also that in the Old Norse societies, Völva was a female practitioner of magic and prophecy– a prophetess, seer, sooth-sayer, and witch.

In this edge-walk, we will take a somatic journey into the wholeness of Vulva- as a sexual and spiritual activator and transformer, as a portal to our depths, a record keeper of our most ancient knowledge of the sanctity of the female body,  and also as the symbolic and practical throne of the Seer and the Sexual Priestess in our own bodies. 

Through a powerful mix of somatic and intuitive movement journeying, embodied voice, writing, and witness circle, we will journey into the stories that Vulva keeps about who we are, where we come from, and what each of us must heal, generate, birth and release as a carrier of Vulva’s legacy. We will tell the personal and collective histories our Vulvas remember, purge stagnant sensual and sexual imprints, and  tap the unspeakable well of pleasure, joy and life force that is Vulva.


Sunday March 19, 9a–12.30p Pacific, 12–3.30p Eastern, 17-20:30h Central European*
*Please note that for this immersion, our usual beginning time is one hour earlier IN EUROPE  because of daylight time change in the US.

See the time in your time zone

It is hard to overestimate the significance  and the miracle of Spine: A scaffolding for the entire body. A carrier & distributor of the central nervous system. An ancestor inside us. 


Spine has taken millennia to evolve and carries the record of how we’re related to the many spined beings that inform us- dinosaur, whale, bear, ape, serpent.

In this edge-walk, we will wake up the primordial wisdom of Spine, connect to our skeletal and ancestral intelligence, and access the intrinsic wisdom of the serpent spine- the primordial feminine movement around the masculine column of the body, also known as Ida & Pingala in the yogic tradition, both embodied in the Spine. 


We will restore spaciousness in the vertebrae and therefore in our lives and, through intuitive spine movement and breath, we will explore the deeper stories of Sacrum and Tailbone- the protectors of our pelvic space  and the regulators of our sexual integrity. 


In many ways, this edgewalk will be a Serpentine edge-walk into our deepest sexuality,  a resurrection of sexual life force that becomes accessed when Spine is free to tell her oldest stories: When Spine's vertebrae are allowed to twirl, slither, snake, stretch, and undulate in our bodies,  we can excavate histories and knowledge from the wild prairies of human existence, from the shewolf soul roaming free in us, and from of temple dancers and priestesses who keep the fire of sensual dance somewhere in our psyche.


Registration & Contact 


We recommend journeying through the entire series of edgewalks.  If you register for the full series after one or more edgewalks have passed, you will receive the full recordings


All who register will receive: ​

  • Access information to participate live in the live half-day immersive 

  • A full 3-hour recordings of each session after, available to you for one year

  • After each live edge-walk– an audio with Stefana's guidelines for your personal integrative outdoor ritual 


You can also register for single edge-walk to participate live and/or to receive the recording .

All three edge-walk immersives:  230 USD

(Nov 20, Jan 22 & March 19)


Single edge-walk immersive:  88 USD

Questions or requests?

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Half-Day Live Online Immersions 

"Our bodies, like Earth, are the keepers of memory. When we wish to examine how we evolved as a culture and a species, we dig in the earth. To examine how each of us evolved as individuals or as family systems, we excavate our bodies." 

Dr. ​Ruby Gibson 

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