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Your Body the Priestess 


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There is a vital and indigenous part of us that has been sent into exile for hundreds of years and counting, and although she can be described with many words– the animate, instinctual feminine, the one of the senses and of the body, the deep and the vulnerable, the one full of eros, the practitioner of nature medicine, she who only grows more beautiful with aging, the dancer, the songstress, the muse– no words can ever fully describe her.  And even if the world has for centuries called her the less needed, the less appropriate, and has schooled us against her nature, she, the timeless nurturer of the world has never vanished: Embedded into our very origin and written into our bodies like a sacred script we carry, she is an essential nature that still carries the bundles for our healing and wholeness, and gives senses to the soul. Returning to her in our bodies is to restore her to a world that has only gotten sicker without her. Join us for a free live experience of touching the roots and the heart of the timeless Priestess who lives in our bodies. Through intuitive deep-body-movement, sensual anatomy practices, sacred dance, and community council, we will rekindle the Priestess in our bodies, and carry her assignments into our lives.

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