An INTUIVE BODY and DANCE Recorded Audio Practice

 Rediscover your body's expressive language and intelligence. Explore your inner life. Connect to your internal guidance.  

This complimentary recorded practices rquire a minimum of 15 minutes to complete. (Allow for an additional 10 minutes to follow up with reflective writing and drawing.)  Before you begin, find a space where you can be alone and undisturbed, with enough room to move freely. Enjoy!

 Embodied Awarenesss and Intuitive Movement Practice 


This is our most basic 15-minute guided pracitce that you can use daily, or as you find fit, to connect to your body and your inner life, allow intuitive mind-body expression and deepen your sense-ability so you can apply it to a multitude of areas in your life.


Voice and  guidance: Stefana Serafina
Music: Kamal, Reiki Whale Song 
            Bonobo, Back Sands