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AUDIO: The Embodied Way Podcast: Conversations About Coming Back to Our Senses in the Virtual Age 


stefana serafina with leading embodiment visionaries and thinkers

VIDEO INTERVIEWs:                            Meet Stefana and the Work  

Pelvis, Root, and Eros as Leaders of Our New Story: An Excerpt from a Live Workshop 

In this excerpt from a live online workshop, Stefana speaks about the NEW RHYTHM we are in during this turning point in the human story, and how essential it is that and that we FEEL this rhythm, instead of “figuring it out”, to allow it instead of fighting for it, and to let it rise from a deeper, more sensuous, intuitive, connective, embodied, and Earth-informed intelligence than we have ever occupied before as modern cultures. Also: Why our deep pelvises and the roots are the seers and knowers of our new evolutionary story– and how they can and must guide us to it.


An Interview with Stefana Serafina by Cris Keener

A recent interview with Stefana Serafina on how to position ourselves for relationship to anything– and all things.


Why does it matter to learn living in our deep bodies, in a loving and intimate relationship with the world?

Shot in Zion National Park, with Chris Keener. 


Stefana Serafina in conversation with Nirmala Nataraj

On the nature of women's embodiment, the need to feel and heal our feminine parts and the way we hold our bodies, and what to expect of how Stefana's programs. Stefana also offers a practice for deepening into the subtle feminine anatomy. 


Stefana Serafina, founder of Intuitive Body and Dance and producer of the Embodied Way Podcast, is interviewed by Nirmala Nataraj

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