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Mythic Woman Dances: 
 Immersive Portals

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Restoring Psyche and Soul Through
Ancient Story & Movement

With Stefana Serafina



Upcoming Mythic Woman Portals


Through embodied storytelling, deep-body journeying, intuitive movement, you will be guided to the edge between the mythic and the ordinary, to feel how these mythic beings live in you– and to receive the specific keys and assignments that they have for your personal journey forward. 

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Who is Mythic Woman?


Regardless of what stories and cultures she comes from and the particular faces and characters she takes on, the Mythic Woman keeps personal and collective codes for what is never-to-be-lost of the feminine earthly spirit. Whether we call her Wild or Wise Woman, Bone Woman, Inanna, Persephone, Spider Woman, or Witch, she is always a guardian of the wild, the instinctual, the intuitive, the earthly and the cyclical, the poetic, the mysterious, and the sensuous. 

At important intersections of our lives, formative and timeless Mythic Woman heroines find us to stoke our fire and give us a new role, entrust us with the carving out of a new path, induce us into a necessary life-and-death passage, or command us into  new “assignment”. 

Who Are Forest Dancing Women? 

Wherever you are, they always live near you– in the forest, by the streams, in the  freshly blooming meadows…


They are the mysterious forest dwelling women, known to the people of many languages, cultures, and stories from across Eastern and Northern Europe– wild enchantresses who dance under the full moon or in the morning mist, by the streams and amidst the trees, often naked, always singing, voluptuous  and free. Bulgarians call them samodiva, the Romanian call them iele, in Serbia, they are vila, and the nordic people—huldra or skogsrå– and no one can tell you anymore if they are mythic or real! 

They are:
Skilled at magic, at home in the forest. Seductive and dangerous. Keepers of the mystery of dance. Guardians of the sanctity of the female body. Preservers of nature’s knowledge. Knowers of herbal medicine. Archivists of the untamable wild spirit. Embodiments of erotic superpower. 

And it is precisely now, in late spring and at the break of summer that these mysterious women are said to emerge from the deep woods, and cast their bodies into the eternal dance: together, by the fire, under the ancient stars, reminding the rest of the women everywhere that this is a sacred legacy– that the sensuous spell of the dancing woman must be made alive again- in a world starved for it.

Join us for this portal as we tell a tapestry of stories from the east and north of Europe and meet the forest dancing women and their legacy inside us.


Who is the Sleeping Lady? 

The Sleeping Lady is a famous ancient sculpture of a grand, voluptuous, ample-bodied woman, which was found in the prehistoric goddess temples of Malta– the oldest standing structures on Earth! Her scrumptious largeness has baffled historians and anthropologists who have called her the Fat Lady and even deemed her obese!


But what did the temple builders want to communicate to us 5000 years back by leaving this remarkable statue for the generations of women to come?! 

In this session, we will enter the mythic body of the Sleeping Lady and wake up her grand, voluptuous bigness inside us, in full contrast to the Sleeping Beauty, the pretty skinny princess who waits for the knight to rescue her. 


What can the Sleeping Lady give us back from our curvaceous, uninhibited, deep-bellied power? Who are we when we are unafraid of our curves, our age, and our largeness? Who wakes up in us when we’re done being the Sleeping Beauty and instead give body to the soft giant of feminine power?  


She is...
The one who sleeps in our wombs and in the curve of our waists. She whose hips are round and spacious enough to hold the whole Earth. The grand woman of eternal impact.


How to Participate 

You can participate either in the live online portals, or you can join the small in-person daylong  in the San Francisco Bay.  

Details below.


NOTE: If you are joining us online, we will share the guidelines for an in-nature ritual for you to do after the immersion- alone or with your forest-dancing-women friends. Full, high-quality recording of the online portal will be available for 6 months to be revisited and journeyed with again. Information about call access will be sent to you a few days before we begin.


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sleeping lady

Stefana Serafina, m.a.

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is an embodiment educator, transformative movement facilitator, mentor, and writer, recognized for her unique body– and movement–based approach to personal and collective growth. Weaving together movement journeys and expressive arts approaches, nature- and soul-centric body practices, women’s sensuality & mystery traditions, embodied archetypal psyche, and ritual dance, Stefana’s unique facilitation and teachings have been called "life-changing and life-giving",  "deeply penetrating and rekindling", a "masterful invitation to the remembrance of who we are''. 

Over the last twelve years, while working with communities in California, Europe, Central America, and online, Stefana developed the Deep–Body method for self-discovery and embodied wholeness, which serves as the foundation of our work. 

Stefana is the founder of the Deep Body Institute,  and hosts and produces the Embodied Way Podcast. 


See more about Stefana's credentials and her personal story of developing the work. 


Registration & Info 

Online Portals 

Forest Dancing Women: Saturday, June 18 

9 a-12p Pacific, 19-21 Central European time

See time in my time zone

Sleeping Lady vs. Sleeping Beauty: Sunday, July 10

9 a-12p Pacific, 19-21 Central European time

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To join us for future portals, join our email list via the footer. 

Full, high-quality recording of the online portals will be available for 6 months to be revisited and journeyed with again. We will share the guidelines for an in-nature ritual for you to do after the immersion. 

Register for both portals - $85

Register for a single portal - $60

In-Person Daylong 
SF Bay, California 

Forest Dancing Women: Sunday, June 26 

10am - 5pm Pacific Time



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