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BEGINS NOV 5 2020 with THE FEMININE GENIUS MODULE.  JOIN US from anywhere. Registration open now. This program is a track  to our EMBODIED AMBASSADOR Facilitator Training.

A Journey. A Rediscovery. A Training. This is a cutting edge embodiment program for in-the-body learning, transformation and leadership. A personable, intimately woven experience, with lots of opportunities for interaction and connection.  By-weekly in-person sessions, individual support,  exclusive guided audio practices,  down-to-earth sisterhood.

NOV 4–JAN 10, 2020/21.  The Earth is dreaming through us. What is she dreaming through your life? This series invites you to the soulful writing– literally and figuratively–of our new story, with our bodies and their movements  as the primary receivers and communicators of earthly intelligence, and our writing–as the creative, clarifying, and penetrating language for this intelligence to take form and be expressed.   

Bring Deep–body and Movement– Based Facilitation to the Work and Communities You Love!

RESCHEDULED FOR JUNE 2021 in PORTUGAL + ONLINE in view of pandemic

Pre-requisites: Complete at least one module of the Embodied Studies Program

You feel driven to  promote social and cultural change through the ways we embody ourselves and our values, our voices, our sensitivity and sensuality, our intuitive and creative capacities. The body’s intuitive and creative expression and its primary languages of sensing and movement are a territory of natural inclination for you. You have participated in various embodiment and movement modalities and are now excited about bringing the body and its genius into the work you do or envision doing.​ This training is for you. 



 JUNE 17-21 2021 Join us for five unforgettable days of  traveling the enchanted territory of your deep body and your personal legend on a magical land nestled between ocean and mountains near the village of Odeceixe, Southwest Portugal. This immersion is one half of our Deep Body Studies program, which can also be taken as an online module, and it counts as half of the prerequisites toward our Embodied Ambassador  Facilitator Training.

One-to-One with Stefana Serafina

Private sessions and one-to-one apprenticeships with Stefana are an invitation to a deep and committed journey within your deeper life, your embodied intelligence and intuitive compass, as well as your relatedness to the natural elements and the elemental feminine.  They are also a call back to your body, a reconciliation. 

RESCHEDULED for 2021.  We invite you to a pilgrimage to the Sacred Mountain, a journey of  remembrance and  worship of the Wild Mother through your own form. A deep in-the-body communion with the feminine mysteries by inhabiting your own wild nature and tuning into to the body-to-body guidance of the mountain, its waters, animals, meadows and crisp skies.

 The body of mountain breathing alive in the body of woman.

A quiet, deep, and timeless  communion between the sensuous mountain and the woman who has come to remember herself in the mountain's embrace.

Mountain and woman, body to body, the landscapes merging, calling the wild soul back to these bones, veins, and hips.

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