Soul of the Deep Body: 

A 5-Day Immersion in Southwest Portugal, 

September 15–19 2022  


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with Stefana Serafina
& assisting facilitators 

Join us for five unforgettable days on a magical land nestled between ocean and mountains near the village of Odeceixe.
We welcome women and non-binary people 

This retreat is directly followed by our Deep-Body Embodiment Facilitator Training
(Sept 19-25)
. There is a discount for joining  for both, 

In a depthful and nourishing environment, held by a strong land and a powerful group of humans, you will be supported and guided to investigate your life’s most charged questions and longings, your deepest vulnerabilities, and the archetypal forces at play in your life story at the current time– all in the language of your body’s expressive and intuitive freedom. 

This is a unique chance to experience the power of our Deep Body model: 

 As we move through the different “skins” of your deep body– physical, emotional, sensual, expressive, perceptive, and mythic/archetypal– you will be naturally called into greater clarity of your larger personal journey– your "personal legend"– and how it weaves with the new human story we must write now, in harmony with the Earth. 


~ A chance to allow your own deep body wisdom to steer & inform (or reshape) your life; 

 ~ An invitation to experience the full potency of our work– in person, in nature, in togetherness, in organic, soulful, embodied exploration of what matters most. 

The Land

Vida Pura is an eco-retreat center nestled amidst the green forests and mountainous views of a nature preserve, within close proximity of the ocean, and about 5 km from the enchanting village of Odeceixe and its marvelous beach. The center is in the breathtaking Aljezur region of Portugal, 
125 km from Faro and 235 km from Lisbon.

Listen to the stream running through the land, dip in the pond, take hikes by the river and through the valley, or hang out with the donkeys who are part of the family at Vida Pura.

Vida Pura is an eco-sustainable center with solar energy, grey water system, and an organic, bio-dynamic farm, which will be sourcing our meals.