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Power of the Well Rested Woman 

Fri, Jun 07 | Zoom Live

a free live online event with with Stefana Serafina 

Friday, Jun 07, 2024, 10 am – 12:00 pm Pacific

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A 2-hour deep body workshop, offering embodied resources for women with full lives, ready to replace 'busy' and overwhelm with deep inner spaciousness and organic restfulness- and to embody the power of the Well Rested Woman as the new story of their lives

Have you wondered why there aren’t any stories about the Resting Woman in our culture?


We've heard stories about fierce women, magical women, women keeping the wells or knitting the web of the world, mothering women, pioneers, activists, priestesses…


But the Resting Woman who simply indulges in the textures of life and moves restfully through life–– she is not a heroine in our stories. May it be why we have no idea who she is inside us—and how to ACTUALLY rest?


The truth is that if we told the stories of the Resting Woman, she'd be one of the most powerful archetypes of the feminine psyche, teaching us the true feminine arts! But patriarchy has a different mythology…

It is us, the modern women of a restless century, who need to feel, and embody, and tell Resting Woman’s stories as our own– to one another and our daughters and our world.

In this gathering, you are called to consider, discuss, and find in your body an understanding and an experience of REST much more encompassing and wholesome than rest simply as a time stolen away to recuperate from an endless busyness.


  • Rest as a wide and peaceful SPACE inside: Space in the nervous system. Space between anxious thoughts. Space in the womb and the belly, which then makes space in the head.

  • Rest deep in our tissues, a slow and organic order inside our bodies and psychies that becomes a rhythm in our movement through life.

  • Rest as a way of living, even with a full plate

  • Rest as a natural but forgotten feminine quality: How to rediscover rest not only when we are actively resting

  • The power of YOU as a well rested woman- a personal breakthrough 

  • Rest as the root of your new story, and OUR new story: Embodying a restful life beyond overwhelm and depletion as a way to be more and give more

  • Rest as social activism




  • take a Deep Body journey so you can find somatic, embodied, cellular wisdom about true rest, and what is restful for you

  • investigate your sensations, your inner embodied space, and your nervous system qualities of rest as a counterpoints to exhaustion and a restless bodymind

  • move your body organically in research of how you embody deep, ongoing restfulness

  • locate the Resting Woman in your body, feel and move with her particular lessons for you, and invite her into your daily life

  • listen to each other and begin telling together the modern story of the Resting Woman as our own


About your guide Stefana Serafina, m.a.

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is an embodiment educator, transformative movement facilitator, mentor, and trainer, and the founder of the Deep Body Institute. Stefana is recognized for her unique body– and movement–based approach to personal and collective growth. Weaving together movement journeys and expressive arts approaches, nature- and soul-centric body practices, women’s sensuality & mystery traditions, embodied archetypal psychology, and ritual dance, Stefana’s unique facilitation and teachings have been called "life-changing and life-giving",  "deeply penetrating and rekindling", a "masterful invitation to the remembrance of who we are''. 

Over the last twelve years, while working with communities in California, Europe, Central America, and online, Stefana developed the Deep–Body method for self-discovery and embodied wholeness, which serves as the foundation of our work. 

Stefana is the founder of the Deep Body Institute,  and hosts and produces the Embodied Way Podcast. 


See more about Stefana's credentials and her personal story of developing the work. 

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