A Journey. A Rediscovery. A Training

Sonoma, California

For Women and Non-Binary Female Bodied People


Thursday June 11 – Monday June 15, 2020

with Stefana Serafina, M.A.


To open your body like a living book into your deeper life. To travel your own uncharted and sensuous territory. To let your personal legend weave into the greater legend of the living Earth... 


  Living in the Deep Body

Join us for five unforgettable days of  traveling the enchanted territory of your deep body and your personal legend ...


THE JOURNEY IN A NUTSHELL  Re-inhabitation of the deep body. Deep Body and deep psyche. Sense-ability, eros, and body knowing as greater intelligence. Personal myth, heroine's journey, and embodied breakthrough. Flow vs. trauma. Wholeness and belonging. Living your love story of your life, full body.  


THE LAND We will gather at a peaceful and fertile private land in the beautiful Sonoma County with spacious gathering and sleeping spaces, a yurt, a hot tub, and delicious organic meals. 

OUR PRIMARY LANGUAGES  Deep-Body® embodiment, intuitive and investigative movement,  embodied archetypal research, body-based soul work, ritual embodiment, dance. 

AFTER THE IMMERSIVE RETREAT:  Access to an  exclusive Forever Resources Page with  recorded practices w/ music and guidance from Stefana, a reading list and resources, and membership community page. Online Integrative Summit July 2. 



In a depthful and nourishing environment, held by a strong land, a powerful group of humans, and our unique Deep Body Studies curriculum, you will be guided and supported in re-inhabiting your ‘deep body'–– the convergence of mind, senses, eros, psyche, and soul in your physical form. Informed by the deep body's all-encompassing intelligence, in this journey you are be called  to make soulful strides into the breadth and depth of your personal myth and your unmistakable contribution to the new  Story of the People. 

Our Deep Body Model will offer you pathways to investigate your life’s most charged questions and longings, your deepest vulnerabilities, and the archetypal forces at play in your story––all in the language of your body’s expressive and intuitive freedom, your deeper erotic intelligence, your creative movement and living imagination. As you are guided to move into the different “skins” of your deep body– physical, emotional, sensual, expressive, perceptive, and collective–– you will also be invited into greater clarity of your heroine’s journey and the ways it contributes to the greater earthly myth we are part of.


While Living in the Deep Body is a stand-alone journey that can be taken powerfully by itself,  it also makes one half of our Deep Body Studies Program–– an in-depth curriculum offering a deeply experiential, in-the-body approach to interpersonal transformation, embodied learning, skill development, and leadership. For those who might be interested in doing more depth work and training with us, the entire Deep Body Studies program is foundational, and is also track to our Embodied Ambassador Facilitator Training. It is offered in two independent modules, of which this–Living in the Deep Body– is the first one, and the Feminine Genius Module is the second half. The two modules of the program are offered either as an in-depth intensive retreats like this one––in the San Francisco Bay Area and in Europe, or as a