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Mythic Woman Dances:

A Restoration of Psyche & Soul

Through Story and Movement

A 3-Part Series
Bi-weekly Fridays, February 19, March 5, March 19
9am - 11am Pacific, 12 - 2pm Eastern, 18-20h CET



Sessions can be attended individually

Open to all genders, including women, trans women, non-binary folks, and men who are interested in exploring how they embody mythic woman archetypes. Mythic Woman is powerful to explore within all bodies.

With Stefana Serafina and community

This series is an opportunity to experience our work  more deeply

without committing to a longer journey, and at an accessible rate.




All artwork on this page by Autumn Skye  


Mythic Woman. We do not have to call her by the same name to recognize her.

Wild or Wise Woman, Bone Woman, Inanna, Hecate, Wolf Woman, Big Turtle, First Mother, Spider Woman, the Well Maiden, Samodiva, Nymph, Persephone...
In stories and scripture, the Mythic Woman comes in many expressions and faces, but regardless of the tradition of her origin, her heirloom is unmistakable––the wild, the instinctual, the intuitive, the earthly and the cyclical, the poetic, the mysterious, the sensuous. 


Inside us, she is DNA, both personal and collective, that keeps the codes for what is never-to-be-lost of the feminine earthly spirit–– and she is most easily evidenced in our bodies when we feel, sense, and move with freedom, dancing on the edge between our mythopoetic identity and our mundane lives. 

At important intersections of our lives, Mythic Woman finds us to infuse us with a new role, give us a torch to carry, entrust us with the carving out of a new path, induce us into a necessary life-and-death passage, or gives us a  new “assignment”.  But whatever she conjures up in our lives, her greater mission is one and the same: To make more soul for the world. To put the loose ends together and repair the broken tapestry of a world that has forgotten her but has gone mad without her. 


The Series' Invitation 

In this three-part series, you will be invited to explore both your longing and your responsibility to revive aspects of the mythic feminine and bring them into the ecosystems of a world  starved for her soul and genius–– and for yours. 

In each of the three sessions, we  will weave a web of stories  that tell of formative Mythic Woman characters who center a specific role and purpose as carriers of deep feminine psyche. We will "move inside of the story", as we say in this body of work, and you will be guided through unique movement and deep-body® practices to  investigate  how you uniquely embody the qualities of the respective mythic women, how they inform your soul story at this time, and  what specific keys and assignments they have for your personal heroine’s journey forward. 

Sessions can be attended individually. Recordings will be made available to all who register. 


Learn more about your guide Stefana Serafina here.

The Series

We recommend the entire series.Sessions can also be attended individually 

SESSION ONE: Friday, February 19

 Wakame and the Well Maidens 

Wakame the Seaweed was once a young woman punished for the crime of knowing the language of forest, plants, and ocean. Transformed by the ocean into a sea plant to save her life, Wakame still keeps preserves her knowledge so that all who undulate and flow like her can remember the feminine ways in their bodies. The Well Maidens were the guardians of the wells of wisdom and abundance, until…. 
Join us for the telling of  stories of women who preserve the knowledge of how to live in harmony, reciprocity and reflection to the lands and the seas. Stories of very different  mythological origin, they introduce us to the one inside us who is:
Keeper of flow. Protector of deep sensuousness as intelligence. Bridger of the visible and invisible worlds. Knower of the Underworld. Guardian of the deep well of feminine wisdom.


SESSION TWO: Friday, March 5

Samodiva, the Forest Dancing Women 

We weave a web of stories from the ancient folklore of Eastern and Northern Europe, including the samodiva, iele, elf, and huldra, who, in a myriad of languages and cultures are told to be the mysterious forest dwelling women who dance under the moon, in the mist, amidst the trees, in the dark night, often naked, sometimes around the fire. Skilled at magic, at home in the forest, seductive and dangerous, they are: Keepers of the mystery of dance. Guardians of the sanctity of the female body. Preservers of nature’s knowledge. Knowers of herbal medicine. Archivists of the untamable wild spirit. Embodiments of erotic superpower.


SESSION THREE: Friday, March 19

Bone Woman: She Who Knows 

We will move with a convergence of  stories  about a woman older than time  who often lives in a deep, dark cave that everyone has heard of but no one has seen. She has been sitting there for thousands of years, outside the reach of the world’s busy affairs, and although few know of her mere existence, she has been keeping the world turning, preserving the Earth’s intrinsic knowledge, weaving it into a garment or a rug or a spider web, or cooking it into soups and stews that contain the seeds and roots of all wisdom, or singing bones back to life. She sees in the dark, often keeps a fire as old as her, and in this way preserves all stories that have ever been told around a fire.



If you register for any session or the full series after it has already occurred, you will receive access to the recording. 

 If you any have trouble ​using the pay buttons below, please email us 

and we will send you a direct invoice.



Session One, Wakame and the Well Maidens February 19


Session Two,  Dancing Forest Women March 5

Session Three, Bone Woman, March 19 

NOTE: If you register for any session or the full series after it has already occurred, you will receive access to the recording. 

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