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Mark your calendar & move with us soon 

Flamekeepers Membership

Open now

An ongoing online hub, offering live weekly live Deep Body Movement spaces, community  embodiment councils, and deep-body explorations focused on embodied personal growth. Led by our practitioners, and offered as an ongoing membership.
Legacy Keepers Program: A Heroine's Journey 

Begins November 1, 2023

Our most comprehensive journey– a 7 month personal Deep Body pilgrimage that brings you into the heart & texture of our work– as it reshapes and transforms your life.  In addition to full access to Flame Keepers membership, the Legacy Keepers, which is  led by our founder Stefana Serafina, invites you to descend down the spiral of the deep body, take the journey of a lifetime, cross a threshold into the the part of your life that has  been waiting for you, and receive direct embodied coaching from Stefana. 

Deep-Body® and Movement
Embodiment Facilitator Training


Bring Deep-Body® and movement-based facilitation to the work and communities you love. In person+online hybrid. Our next training will be announced soon.
Sensual Root: A Restoration 

6 weeks Online, June 13-Jul 25
or a weekend in nature: SF Bay Jun 17/18

We may forget, but our bodies have never forgotten that to restore the strength, the fluidity, and the native sensuality of our root is a vital predicament not only for our health and wholeness, but for the intactness of our feminine presence and power.
The online course is free with the Flame Keepers membership.
Copenhagen, Denmark
Immersion: Mythic Woman Dances

October 6-8, 2023

In a powerful community of women, you will be invited "in-between the worlds", to the edge where the mythic meets the ordinary– to explore both your longing and our responsibility to revive aspects of the mythic feminine and bring them into the ecosystems of a world  starved for her soul and genius– and for yours. 

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