Restoring the Soul of the Body 

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Formerly Intuitive Body and Dance 

'The deep body is the soul made visible'



The Deep Body Institute offers embodiment education, body-inspired cultural activism, transformative movement journeys and embodied rites of passage, rooted in the intelligence of the deep body–the convergence of our emotional, sensual, expressive, intuitive, & mythopoetic nature– in our physical form. 

We're on a mission!

We're here to help usher in a new cultural paradigm, a post-patriarchal order informed by the soulful intelligence of our bodies whose genius has been oppressed for centuries in the patriarchal era. Our work serves to restore the primary languages of the deep body – sensuality & erotic connectivity, imagination & creativity, instinctual & evolutionary wisdom, mythic depth, and soulful expression – and to center these languages as vital and primary for the wellbeing of humans, cultures, and our planetary habitats. 


Our programs and trainings offer a reframe of what we culturally value as intelligence, power, wellbeing, and embodiment. We invite you into a wise and caring community where you can rediscover your deep body's intelligence and allow it to express the soul of who you are in the world. 

We are a hub 


for deep-body and movement-inspired soul work & community.

We offer transformative movement & intuitive dance journeys, embodied counseling labs, community councils, and presentations by diverse voices in embodiment, available through Flame Keepers Village membership, our Legacy Program, & our Deep-Body Embodiment Facilitation training. We also offer one-day online immersions and in-person retreats. 

Join us! 

What if our culture raised us to trust & love
our bodies,
to let them guide our rhythm in the world? 


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