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An Ocean in the Body:  A Blog  by Stefana Serafina

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Feeding the Sensual Root

I took me years to see to the bottom of this, but women’s bodies ultimately taught me the truth: That whatever is happening in a woman’s life- whether it's about about a deficit in creativity, or thyroid issues, or persistent feelings of not enoughness, or depression, or, on the other side, joy and abundance and enoughness– it all could be traced down to her sensual, pelvic ROOT, her relationship with it, and her root's strength and coherence.

The sensual root is my phrase for the deep pelvis where the organs and tissues of our fem anatomy are housed–and from where a female body opens down into the earth and drops a root, much like plants and trees do– for exchange, for nourishment, for networking, for health.

I learned this gradually and kind of on accident– by being with women’s bodies every day– that to approach everything a woman was challenged with quite literally at the ROOT of her body was the only thing that made sense.

When women came to me and said, “I feel no desire” or “my libido controls me”, we went to the pelvic root and moved the stale or excessive energy there, to free and steady the flow again. When women said, “I have such poor boundaries”, we worked to replenish the womb and strengthen its parameter. When women said, “I've lost my voice and my path in the world”, we worked with the larynx and the cervix in unison, and with the movement of the ovaries–the creative powerhouses of the body, to free the woman's voice & vision.

And it’s not that I have to tell women how to do it, but to be with them in a way that helps them trust the felt energies of their own bodies, the signals, the images, the involuntary and instinctual movements of the feminine bowl. The rest is already waiting there- entire scripts and prescriptions for healing and restoration, and for freeing up trapped feminine force!

And what I’ve witnessed for fourteen years and counting, is that when we strengthen and restore our bodies’ sensual root, our nervous system restores and regulates. Neuroplasticity is enhanced. Trauma is felt and often released, somatically. Fertility happily returns to a body that was dwindling in deficit. Metabolism improves in every aspect of body & psyche. The world of a woman blasts open- her possibilities, her aliveness, her direct channel with the mysteries and the feminine nature inside.

A whole and holy rhythm is restored to a body that may have withered when its root weakened — or got replaced by the ways of the head…


SENSUAL ROOT, A Course In Restoration of the Sensual Anatomy is coming right up, and for the first time I'm putting all the ROOT practices, teachings, and journey work in one place! Three options to participate: 6 weeks live in the virtual space, or an immersive weekend in nature in the SF Bay, or both combined!

All details here:



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