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Develop your expertise as a trauma-informed embodiment educator & transformative movement guide 
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Deep Body Movement & Embodiment 
Facilitator-Educator Training

October 2024-October 2025
 fully experiential live online training 

Do you envision yourself contributing to a society where women, and people at large, are liberated in their bodies, connected to their embodied wisdom and sensual intelligence, and leading with the earth-honoring wisdom of their bodies? Do you desire to unlock more of your body's guidance and power– then empower others to do the same? Perhaps you have already glimpsed the transformative potential of a body moving intuitively, sensually, and freely to heal the psyche, align with the rhythms of the earth, bring us into our uninhibited feminine genius, and expand our potential? If yes, then you likely share our belief that the process of decolonizing our bodies and embracing their evolutionary, soulful, and multi-dimensional intelligence is a powerful and essential form of social activism. Welcome to a unique opportunity to become a catalyst for embodied change—for women, for people at large,  and for the world! 

Our professional certification is for  leaders, healers, therapists, coaches, and educators who want to transform both their personal lives and their work with powerful Deep Body intelligence techniques, trauma-informed somatic approaches, and intuitive movement methods, contributing to a more embodied and sustainable post-patriarchal culture.

The certification training is an incredible journey of personal transformation that offers an opportunity to connect with your entire being and uncover your inner genius. The community of practitioners and the instructors provide an incredible support system to help you along the way. Since completing the training, I have already had the opportunity to share my newfound skills with my community and have been amazed by the results!

Tamara  De Zotti

Conscious Birth Doula, The Natural Power of Birth,  Norway

This is an epic training, deep, and robust. It equipped me with the knowledge, insight, and experience to feel confident as an embodiment guide. It is a seamless blend of intellect, soul, and embodied practice that will support you in cultivating your inner knowing, so that you feel empowered to take the leap and guide others into meeting the deep wisdom and beauty of their own bodies.’

Sarah Ping Nie Jones

Co-founder & Lead Facilitator at the Kopanya Institute, South Africa

This training has been a highly valuable tool and resource to deepen my work with my clients in a very meaningful and powerful way. It provides the scaffolding needed– tools, resources, community and support– to venture into the wilderness of the body, and support the life-changing work of embodiment for others.

Colleen Young, LFMT

Clinical Director at Liberating Justice, Washington, United States


Training with us takes you on an journey into your deep body intelligence in order to prepare to: 

🗝️  Develop your expertise as an embodiment facilitator and trauma-informed Deep Body Movement guide for diverse groups and environments

🗝️ Facilitate workshops, groups, and one-one-one sessions that tap into the profound intelligence of the deep body and its intuitive, soul-searching movement, enabling people to rediscover their depth, purpose, vitality, and belonging to the web of life

🗝️ Catalyze social change through the restoration of the primary languages of the deep body– sensuality & erotic connectivity, imagination & creativity, instinctual and evolutionary wisdom, and soulful expression, centering these languages as vital and primary for the wellbeing of humans, cultures, and habitats

🗝️ Support women to move their center of operation from the head into their belly, womb, and pelvic root, returning to their native way of being and the health of body and soul 

🗝️ Help people wake up the wilder, ancestral, archetypal wisdom  inherently available in their deeper bodies, so they can access internal guidance, resources, and nourishment 

🗝️ Guide people to address body pain, symptoms, and old wounding through somatic awareness and organic Deep Body Movement to release outdated embodied patterns, free up life force, and connect to the body’s communication about the path forward

🗝️ Bring the transformative power of embodied intelligence, Deep Body Movement, nervous system education, and trauma-informed care into your work with people and organizations, radically increasing your impact​


The Four Training Pillars 

Skills You Will Develop 

 Personal Growth Skills

Facilitator and Educator Skills

 Community & Social Change Skills

The moving body can tell the truth about our lives in ways that nothing else can...

 "Listening" to and sensing our bodies is powerful, but it's not enough: Your body must be allowed to MOVE freely and intuitively, to express with spontaneous shapes and gestures, to flow with emotion and sensation, to investigate your soul through movement. Only then, the body will speak in its own voice about what you ache for, about the stories you carry inside, about what your ancestors have left you to navigate, and about how you can be well again.' 

Stefana Serafina, Founder and Lead Trainer 


 An incredible experience that exceeded all my expectations. I received incredible support from the trainers in finding a way to implement my newly learned skills in expanding the scope of my photography work.  I was able to both explore my personal growth and develop skills to facilitate embodied practice and expression. What made this training even more special was the amazing connection with the rest of the women in the program! We formed a supportive community that lasted even after the training ended.

Albena Ilieva 

Photographer,  California

The training felt fated. It triggered a very important personal transformation and that brought an entirely different dimension to my purpose work. I have so much more confidence in what I am offering and where I am going! This work has taught me how to come home to myself, to my body, to my place on this earth and as part of nature and life. That is absolutely priceless and a long sought answer to prayer for me.

 Rebekah Lynn Osorio, 

Voice Coach, Graphic Designer California 

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Training as a facilitator with the Deep Body Institute has been a deep journey of self development, stepping into leadership and traveling back to my essence to rediscover what I truly love, and bring that into the world through the Deep Body Method.

Mette Borup Kristensen

Visual Artist, Teacher

The Yearlong Journey in Seven Modules


Module One

Personal Immersion & Experiential Foundations 

  • Immerse in the work by applying it in your own life: Dive into deeply personal and transformative Deep Body Movement journeys, guided by Stefana Serafina

  • Rediscover your deep body intelligence and utilize its powerful guidance in all areas of your life

  • Encounter deeply seated, outdated embodied patterns and follow the body’s lead toward needed change

  • Developing understanding of how a disembodied culture has prevented humans and habitats from experiencing our wholeness, vitality, and our full potential 

  • Revitalize your sensuality, aliveness, and the experience of embodied connection with the living web of life

  • Cultivate embodied understanding of the deep body as primary to our wholeness, wellbeing, and full expression 

  • Learn to resource yourself, both as a human and as a practitioner through practices of embodied stability amidst shifting sands

  • Developing your knowledge of the nervous system and nervous system regulation as a foundation for facilitating embodiment safely and effectively

Module Two

Developing Somatic & Deep Body Expertise

  • ​Learn the foundations of somatics, body-centric science, and the indigenous roots of embodiment practice. 

  • Cultivate the primary somatic languages of the body–sensation, breath, touch, sound, movement, and earth-body connection– as primary pathways to activating and accessing body intelligence

  • Learn how to work deeply with each layer of deep body intelligence: Cognitive, physical, emotional, sensual, expressive, intuitive/perceptive, and archetypal/collective

  • Learn how to guide your clients into a deeper felt and embodied connection with  nature– a vital source of health, wholeness, and guidance 

  • Learn tools for accessing and cultivating the erotic intelligence of the body and rekindling the somatic knowledge of our sensual anatomy 

  • Master techniques for working with the deep psyche- the meeting place of conscious and unconscious- using embodied imagination, metaphor, and symbols 

  • Reclaim the feminine principle as the nature of the body– and as primary force in embodiment work


Module Three

Nervous System Education & Foundations of Trauma Informed Care 

  • Essential nervous system education 

  • Foundations of trauma informed care and trauma sensitive approaches in embodiment

  • Understanding the fight, flight, freeze, and fawn responses to traumatic experiences 

  • Handling your client’s challenging embodiment experiences as a guide 

  • Trust, safety, agency, and choice as foundational in embodiment facilitation

  • Group agreements, individual responsibility , and healthy boundaries 

  • The art of holding space for transomative embodiment work

Module Four

Mastery in Embodiment Facilitation 

  • Group and individual work and dynamics in holding space

  • Space, rhythm, music, and silence: Holding the space for transformative embodiment work

  • How to attune somatically to those you are guiding without taking on their experience  

  • Voice, presence, and guiding rhythm of the facilitator

  • How to working with the ‘Field’: Leaning into the greater body

  • Preparedness and intuitive, in-the-moment facilitation: The golden balance​

  • Addressing conflict and resolving challenges

  • Creating an inclusive and non-judgmental environment 

  • Elephants in the room: Working with race, body type, age, gender, and body ability 


Module Five

The Power of Movement as a Transformative Tool

  • ​Understanding movement as the mother tongue of body and psyche, and tapping its potential for self-discovery, growth, and wellbeing

  • Origins of Authentic  Movement, dance therapy, and somatic movement modalities

  • Guiding powerful embodied movement journeys: Process, structure, pacing, and integration

  • The essential tool set for facilitating Deep Body Movement® 

  • Utilizing community power in embodiment: Witness, partner, ally, circle

  • The power of integration  

  • Ritual and ceremony as essential in the embodiment journey

Module Six

Finding Your Personal Genius in Embodiment Facilitation & Leadership 

  • Cultivate your unique personal genius as a foundation for bringing your embodiment facilitation to your work and communities. ​

  • Become rooted in your unique life experience, creative voice and qualities, and your lifelong expertise

  • Create a working structure for bringing  deep-body and movement-based embodiment into your life's work–your way! 

  • The business of embodiment facilitation: Bonus business training to assist you in taking your embodiment work into the world

  • Self care and sustainability 

  • Community presence, outreach, and expansion


Module Seven

Fieldwork & Practicum: Social Healing and Change Through Deep Body Embodiment

  • Craft, develop, and refine your vision for incorporating embodied facilitation and leadership into your work and life, as it best fits your personal skills and genius and your current goals.

  • Receive support and supervision in developing your field work project and deliver a full-blown experience/class series/workshop for your audience of choice, weaving embodiment and movement-based approaches.

  • Beyond patriarchy and neo-colonialism: Your passionate obligation to social and cultural change

  • Ethics: Legal and moral obligations of the embodiment facilitator & Deep Body Practitioner

  • Commitment to inclusivity & diversity in your services 

  • Decentralized leadership

  • Certification and completion 

How It Works: Structure & Format 

 Faculty & Guest Teachers

Stefana Serafina, M.A.

Founder of the DBI, Lead teacher

Stefana Serafina, M.A., is an embodiment educator, transformative movement facilitator, mentor, and writer recognized for her unique body– and movement–based approach to personal and collective growth. Weaving together movement journeys and expressive arts approaches, nature- and soul-centric body practices, women’s sensuality & mystery traditions, embodied archetypal psyche, and ritual dance, Stefana’s facilitation and teachings have been called "life-changing and life-giving",  "deeply penetrating and rekindling", a "masterful invitation to the timeless remembrance of who we are''. 

Since 2009, while working with communities in California, Europe, Central America, and online, Stefana developed the Deep–Body method for self-discovery and embodied wholeness, which serves as the foundation of our work. 

Stefana’s credentials include a Master's Degree in Communications with an award winning thesis on body image in modern culture; counseling training from the Interchange Counseling Institute, and a wide range of training, research, and experience in various modalities, including Authentic Movement, world dance, indigenous traditions, Drama  Therapy, and women's studies.


 See more about Stefana and her work here


Our Guest Teachers 

These is not an exclusive list of our guest teachers- we will be updating the 2024 list with more guests soon.

Our Method, Your Way


What we mean when we say deep body

We coined the term deep body  to speak to the wider, deeper, many-layered intelligence that converges in our physical bodies. Our empirical research has shown that the more we feel and sense and validate our physical bodies, the more we also unlock their deeper ‘skins– the emotional, sensual,  expressive, intuitive, and ancestral-archetypal intelligence that is written into cells, bones, muscles, and embodied experience. In the Deep Body work, we support people to open all of these layers of intelligence in their bodies, and become rooted in a wisdom much wiser, wilder, more sovereign, and more encompassing than the intelligence of the isolated mind. 

Movement is the game changer

in embodiment and healing/growth work 

Movement isn’t about being a dancer or a mover, or about moving gracefully and well. It's a primal and essential language of the body. A growing number of studies confirms that movement helps us live longer and happier, and feel more connected to ourselves 


When the body moves, the psyche moves. Anger, grief, and sadness move. The nervous system releases and resets. Our shapes and gestures in motion touch and express parts of us that have been forgotten, buried, or abandoned. We unlock the preverbal, archetypal intelligence of our bodies, and it offers us powerful guidance for our lives!


For women, movement and sacred dance have even deeper impact– they open us to the powerful ancestral feminine legacy written in our bodies, and give us an opportunity to discover and claim the fullness of the feminine soul inside us. 

When we support people to engage in their lives and deepest questions through movement, we are helping them tap a vast and transformative healing potential that otherwise remains dormant. 

Our Deep Body Model of the Embodied Human Psyche is comprehensive method you can use in your unique way

Each guide develops their unique style of guiding and supporting others through the Deep Body work– and that style is rooted in their signature expertise, skills, interests, and talents. Beyond our unique facilitations styles however, being trained in our method means that you will be expertly prepared to offer evocative, insightful, trauma-informed embodiment facilitation, guide rich movement journeys, body–mind explorations, and community sharing, all of which will support your clients in revitalizing their deep body intelligence in order to heal, feel wholeness and belonging, honor all life, and create meaningful personal and social change.  

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Training+Certification Cost 

Early rate by Aug 15, 2024:

$6000 USD 

Save up to $250 when paying upfront, or:

3 x bi-monthly payments $2050

10 x monthly payments $625 

Regular rate after Aug 22: $6500 USD


Rates can be paid in USD or in Euro- specify your preference in your application

We have 2 partial scholarships available to people who can demonstrate both a deep commitment to the training, and a significant economic hardship 




A Summary of What is Included in the Cost 

13 months and more than 170 hours of the most extensive, high-impact embodiment facilitation training in the field, for practitioners who want to center deep body intelligence, trauma-informed somatic approaches, movement and conscious dance in their work



  • A deep & transformative personal journey as the foundation to cultivating professional skills

  • 13 once-a-mont live weekend training calls  (both Saturday & Sunday, 3-hour calls on each day) in a time zone well suited for Canada, the U.S., Europe, and Africa

  • Top-of-the-field education offered by our guest embodiment experts, offering diverse perspectives and angles (around 14 hours total)

  • 13 monthly embodiment facilitation practice calls/labs, meeting on 2 hours each time 

  • 10 monthly community pods meetings (optional), 75-min meetings

  • 10 hours of one-on-one peer practice sessions, in which you give and receive embodied and Deep Body Movement counseling

  • A free week each month for integration and ‘digestion’

  • A full-blown field (real life) project you develop in order to integrate all you have learned, test your personal concepts and style, and deliver to your community- supervised and supported by our team

  • A support coach reviewing your facilitation practice and assignments, and support by Stefana in your field project

  • The Deep Body Guidebook: A Mastery and Facilitation Know-How for the Embodiment Facilitator, an extensive 75-page manual, written by Stefana Serafina

  • All-in-one Training Resource Page, containing all recordings, sessions notes, PDFs and worksheets, guest presentations, and additional resources for the training 

  • A digital library of practices and workshops, led by Stefana & other qualified Deep Body guides, to use both for your personal journey, and as guidelines for your facilitation

  • A Certificate as Deep Body Embodiment & Movement Facilitator & Educator, given that you meet all our criteria

  • A Movement Temple (optional) to drop in, move, release, and integrate 

 Cost & Summary 



Please fill out and send the form below to apply. If you have questions before applying, please first go to our Q&A Section, and if your Qs are not answered there, email us at
Deep Body Embodiment Facilitator Training Application
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