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A Restorative Day in Nature for

Revitalizing the Intelligence of Our Sensual Anatomy 

Saturday, June 29 2024, Tilden Park Berkeley, CA 
With Stefana Serafina

A NATURE IMMERSION @  reserved wilderness site near Berkeley, Saturday, June 29, 10 am-5 pm,


This is a sliding scale event


Can't make this gathering?   Enjoy our 6-session digital Sensual Root Course recorded live,  with added resources and lifetime access to the practices. Or join us in Copenhagen, Denmark for a Sensual Root weekend Sept 13-15, 2024 (Details soon)  

Do you have a felt connection to the feminine root of your body– the embodied intelligence of your pelvic space and sensual anatomy?

The sensual root is not just a metaphor, but a simple and powerful fact of the female body. 
Without needing a definition, you instinctively know that your sensual anatomy- the synergy of your pelvis, womb, ovaries, vulva & erotic tissue–  is the seat of a deeper and older intelligence, a physical expression of the feminine psyche in your own body and life. 

Perhaps you already recognize that the extent of your health, vitality and feminine genius are proportionate to how strong and well nurtured your sensual root is.  As pelvic healer Tami Lynn Kent writes, “When a woman is in tune with her core, she has a robust energetic presence in her pelvic bowl, which she carries into her daily life, and she knows how to maintain that.”

Do you wish to restore the felt communication and subtle guidance of your sensual root, and to experience it as ‘another brain’ in your body- the feminine brain- which anchors and expands the intelligence of the head? Do you feel compelled to restore the intelligence of your feminine base, strengthening its communication channel with the earth beneath, and nurturing your root, your vitality, and your life? 

When we operate our lives from the head without the anchor and the balancing power of the pelvic root, we experience a loss of aliveness and sensuousness, a flatness of the mind, a withering of the feminine soul, and a departure from who we most naturally are. 

Please join us in the forest for a day of somatic restoration and reclamation of your sensual root with Stefana Serafina, who has been guiding sensual anatomy journeys for fifteen years, and will guide us deep into the textures, sensations, and landscapes of our sensual temple, with the support of the living nature around us.


This will be an all-day event at a privately reserved forested site in Tilden Park, Berkeley, California.




  • reconnect with with your sensual root, nourish it, and develop a profound and lasting relationship with it

  • activate the somatic memory and intelligence of your fem parts and your root

  • restore the flow and intelligence of your sensual root receive both its physical nourishment and its clear guidance for your journey 

  • clean out wounded or abandoned ‘corners’ of the sensual body & psyche, and embody new possibilities for belonging, healing, and change.

  • restore sensuous, sensual, and sexual intelligence– and thus, restore life force and soul

  • reconnect with the embodied feminine rhythms of life and give them precedence in your daily operations 

  • rebalance your life by inhabiting the  deep, spacious, wide presence of your root

  • listen to and learn from the wisdom of other rooted women



  • You are a mature woman who longs to feel connected to a deeper, more mysterious, wilder, and vaster part of your life and your soul 

  • You want more than a routine and material life 

  • You have been feeling stagnant or disconnected in your life,  flat, numb, or disengaged

  • You’ve been going around in loops in your mind but your thinking is not getting you anywhere 

  • Your sensual life and sexuality have been on the back burner, or you fear them gone 

  • You “have it all”, yet live with the feeling that something deep and vital is missing 

  • You are often dissatisfied with your body 

  • You want to embody and nurture the feminine principle in your life

  • You want to feel restful, connected, and open in your body and mind

There is no nudity involved in the practices. This is a safe container where you are invited to explore at your own pace. 


About your guide Stefana Serafina, m.a.

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is the founder of the Deep Body Institute, an embodiment educator, transformative movement facilitator, mentor, and writer, recognized for her unique body– and movement–based approach to personal and collective growth. Weaving together movement journeys and expressive arts approaches, nature- and soul-centric body practices, women’s sensuality & mystery traditions, embodied archetypal psyche, and ritual dance, Stefana’s unique facilitation and teachings have been called "life-changing and life-giving",  "deeply penetrating and rekindling", a "masterful invitation to the remembrance of who we are''. 

Since 2009, Stefana has worked with communities in California, across Europe, and online, Stefana. She developed in the process the Deep–Body method for self-discovery and embodied wholeness, which serves as the foundation of our work. 

See more about Stefana's credentials and her story of developing the work. 

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