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Desire of the Deep Yin

A  Body Ceremony 

guided by Stefana Serafina

Available as a 120-min guided session, recorded live on the Winter Solstice, this journey is well suited for those who want to explore and nourish their deep-Yin nature,  especially during the darker winter nights- or when the inner darkness is calling...

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The Dark Night  is her own priestess. It is too dark to see her, so she can only be found in the deep tissue of our own wintering bodies, where she summons the rhythms of the Yin in our own nature. She offers us our own power– sensuous, tactile, erotic, fertile, dangerous. An endless dark ocean of desire capable of… the world.  But she refuses her medicine to anyone who cannot afford enough slowness to pull down the curtains, to remove herself from the world, and to make an altar for the Dark in her own body. 


Join us from the candle-lit privacy of your own home via this pre-recorded session and take a journey into the ocean of Yin in your own anatomy. This is a ceremony of descent and surrender, of passivity and erotic receptivity– touched in every inch of the body. An impregnation of your deep yin desire that cannot be denied. 

Prepare Be in a private space and warm it up so you can be relaxed and body-comfortable even without a ton of clothing on.  Bring soft blankets, pillows. Bring flower petals or dry leaves, pine cones, moss, or small branches- whatever you gather on your walk that mirrors you or seduces you in some way. Light candles. 


Expect A safely held, deeply ceremonial space where you can participate at your own pace, with or without video. A full-body journey, a deep encounter with your essential sensual self, with Nature in you, and with Yin as a shaping force of your life.

After the Ritual  You will be invited to complete this ceremony out in nature on another winter day of your choosing. We will offer simple guidelines for this brief after-ritual in wilderness.

Purchase the full recording (video & audio) + after-ritual guidelines

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