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An Ocean in the Body:  A Blog  by Stefana Serafina

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A Woman's Body

So much is asked of a woman's body today, more than ever before: To be unfailingly pretty, youthful and unaging, thin but curvy, not too little, not too much, a mother but with a flat belly, tireless and productive yet gentle and delicate, sexy but not too sexual... The list, too long to print, goes on and on, and the pressure, conscious or unconscious, always at work, is on a deepest level what drives a woman to disconnect from the truth of her body, to begin hesitating about her inherent beauty, to begin curbing her senses and fighting the wild one inside, stuffing down her instinctual wisdom and emotional richness, and running breathless on a treadmill after the perfect body... She learns, after all this trying, to THINK about her body much more than she can FEEL it. And this is a woman’s greatest crime against her womanhood– to let herself be tamed and boxed in the cage of her culture... Until she remembers. Until something brings her back to her senses, and she recalls that she knows better, she knows deeper than this. She remembers her “other” beauty, the expansive richness of all that she is and all that she carries, the timeless grandmother, the ferocious witch that live in her blood. And awake, she returns to her body again- glorious, fierce, and full of feeling, undulating, breathing belly breaths into her womb, raw and vulnerable to the bone. In the wake of her fire, other women too begin feeling and sensing and longing to return, to reclaim, to set free. And together, they dance.

Will you join us in the dance of remembering?

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