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An Ocean in the Body:  A Blog  by Stefana Serafina

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Sensual Anatomy: A Map of the Greater Journey

To unravel and unclog one's sensual body, to harness its legacy, its possibility... Can we ever say enough about the significance of that?

Let's think about this together–– do you see what I see?

The sensual body is the subtle body layer that carries within itself some of the deepest wounding of the human psyche––and an equally great potential for healing and coming whole again. Given that the world’s dominant worldviews are shaped by thousands of years of religious and political subjugation of the body at large, and even more prominently the subjugation of human sensuality and sexuaity, the sensual body is likely the most misunderstood aspect of the body’s nature, the most systematically oppressed, persecuted, feared, violated, objectified, punished, shut-down, and internally conflicting layer of one’s deep body. To unravel the exquisite and deeply seated intelligence of the sensual and sexual bodies means to unravel the many layers of frozenness, wounding, shock, and somatic memory of the sensual self. Working with this level of body, one must always keep in sight the goal of bringing it back to wholeness, back to safety, back to acceptance, and this undoubtedly will take great care, patience, and skill. But the sensual body is the place to stay with as long as it takes, if we are to tap some of the most unique and abundant nuances of body intelligence available to the human form.

To enter a conversation with the sensual and sexual bodies, we must use the in-the-body gateways of our sensual anatomy. What I call sensual anatomy, in a most basic sense, encompasses the physical organs, tissue, and skin, which directly instigate and make possible the embodied experience of sensuality and sexualiity. I see the sensual anatomy as a map of the ‘ground’ on which sensual and sexual healing can happen in the body. But even more importantly, it is also an internal map, an in-the-body blueprint of the greater, more archetypal and universal forces that operate within one’s form.

Let’s look at the female body, for example, to clarify this point.

In a female body, the sensual anatomy is built on a few unmistakable principles: First off, it is designed to gestate, grow (lining or fetus), and release (mensis) or birth (child). Secondly, the cyclical nature of life on earth is woven into its functional design. We are cyclical to the bone, our bodies are moved by cycles much like the Earth moves through its seasons. In some ways, we can say we are not simply cyclical, we are the cycles. The third principle is that a the female sensual anatomy is made for pleasure: The clitoris is the only organ in a mammal’s body whose sole purpose is the experience of pleasure, with 8000 nerve endings at its tip, aimed exclusively at delivering outstanding sensation and an experience of nuanced pleasure, distinguishing females even from male counterparts whose organ is multifunctional and it possesses only half the number of nerve endings for sensation! And lastly, the female sensual anatomy implies a coming inside, receiving within its bowl, a coming inward, and it is predisposed to an inwardness, an “insideness”, a depth, and a darkness.

What might this be saying about the more archetypal and everlasting aspects of the journey that is to be taken through the female form by those of us endowed with it?

Might it be true that to actualize our life’s legacy and deeper purpose, women must find and free up our birthing potential beyond childbearing, in all aspects of creating and birthing– ideas, visions, projects for the world? Might it also be true that to fully honor who we are and our paths, we must accept the cycles and seasons of our bodies, to hold them sacred, to respond to our bodies’ changing needs and capacities day to day and month to month, so that our lives are balanced and our contributions are not driven by the social push for productivity and achievement at all cost? Might the unlocking of our bodies’ inherent capacity for pleasure– sexual, physical, emotional, creative pleasure!–– and translating it into all areas of our lives, work, and leadership, be foundational to our well being, to the well being of the Earth, and to uncovering our greater purpose of rebalancing the feminine principle on our planet? And might it be true that to be fully true to oneself, a person gifted with the female sensual anatomy is to make frequent journeys into her/their depth, into the darker, less visible, less known places of the human and earthly psychies, to feel and perceive “in the dark”, with the eyes of the body, not only that which is visible to the naked eye, but that which is visible to the senses, to our instincts, and the wild feminine soul that is planted in the breathing fecundity of our womb caves?

What I am suggesting here is that the very design of the female form and its sensual anatomy innately holds within itself the map to the greater forces at play in one’s life and a direct bridge to the feminine legacy within one’s body, the archetypal and essential feminine that can be awoken, accessed, restored, and healed not only because one may benefit from it and enjoy it, but because one must. Tapping the greater feminine body and its unspeakable mysteries, the ways in which it wants to live and create through each of us in the world is not only a birthright and a legacy, but a duty–– an obligation to the future of our world.

Would you agree?

Please share your thoughts in the comments!

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