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An Ocean in the Body:  A Blog  by Stefana Serafina

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The CREATIVE G-SPOT: Unlocking Creative Power and Expression

The Creative and Spiritual G-Spot:

An Creative Power Embodiment Practice by Intuitive Body and Dance

Find about 15-20 minutes to be alone and undisturbed. Make sure you feel safe. Get cozy, bring a vessel of water, light candles, breathe deeper, slower breaths.

  • Lying on your back or sitting straight, bring a breath and your full awareness into your heart, the home of your deep, silent longing. Ask yourself to feel your longing. Feel under the surface of your usual feelings associated with the heart, deeper than the initial emotions. Drop further and further into the felt sense of your deepest longing that no words can touch and name. Let yourself long silently, sensing your longing with the heart and with the rest of your body for several minutes. What is the direction of your longing? What are the sensations it is made of: tingly? spacious? warm? tickling? ––––––? How does your longing move through you body? Could you allow your body to articulate and move your longing? Spend a few minutes engaging in that way.

  • Then, bring a few breaths into your soft belly and deep womb. Connect with the sensations of the place where you feel your greatest desire. How and where do you know your desire? For a few long moments, simply breathe into your desire and ignite it, evoke it, feel it, sense it, watch it rise and take over. If you follow its inner movement and allow it to make movements through your whole body, you will be able to amplify the desire you feel so you can feel it even more tangibly. Get to know it well through the felt sense. Don’t give it names. Just sense and feel desire. It will make you move, sensually or otherwise. Let it. Let it take over.

  • Now, while sensing your body, bring your longing and your desire to meet at some physical location inside you. Ask yourself quietly: Where in my body do my greatest desire and my deepest longing meet? Connect heart and womb through breathing, touch, and awareness. Where do they meet? The meeting point of those two most elemental feminine forces, desire and longing, inside of your body, is your creative and spiritual G-Spot. Notice the kind of power and energy that gets generated there was the two forces meet. Let whatever arises sway you, sweep you, and take over your body's movements, shapes, and gestures. Move, dance, reach, gesture, curl the spine in any way you feel natural, allowing your breath to move with freedom and help the process. Make sound to express what you encounter, along with movement and breath. As you feel and move your Creative G-Spot further, become aware of what wants to arise from that place in the body. What is ready to emerge and be born in your path and your life from here? Images and words may come as you move, breathe, and sound. Ride the waves until you feel complete.

What are you ready to create and birth from this place?

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