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An Ocean in the Body:  A Blog  by Stefana Serafina

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Are women the Earth's perfect storm?

Are we witnessing the Earth's perfect storm?

It might seem, on some days, that the women of the world have still an endless way to go. Like we've lost more power than we thought we could, having come this far. It might seem that what we have been fighting for for too long–– to be visible, to be believed, to be respected, to be held equal, to have the right to our own bodies– is now being 'reversed, taken away again at the hands of old powers.

I feel the heartache, AND in the midst of it I am strangely uplifted, a secret smile on my face, as all along I have been in this other, most intimate conversation with the world and its women, one that isn't on the news or on any government's agenda... And in THAT conversation, I get to witness a deep, great, and massive wave of women's BECOMING, to which there simply cannot be opposition or reversal. It is a wave of cause and effect: In small rooms, community places, apartments, beaches, forests, and temples around the world, for some time now, women have been gathering not only in the old ways but in a NEW WAY: To feel and sense and express and free their BODIES, to return to their bodies in a way that was unimaginable for many centuries.

I see this, friend, and not only I am deep in this process every day of my life (in this moment I myself am leading in-depth embodiment journeys for over 50 women around the globe!), but I also see it led and guided by sisters all around the world, and THIS is a new way. THIS is a true right of passage, one that most of us never got to have. For a woman to come back to her body in THIS way: Sensing to the core of her instinct, lighting the match on her sensual body, discovering the eye of the storm in her own sex that is for no one else but herself!... To see with her body, to make power through her movement, to wake up inside her own cave and touch the living record of it all... To dance in the middle of her eros, to let her gestures, shapes, and movements touch a wild longing and a wild mind... To feel the future and the past with her whiskers. To stand calm and fierce all at once, like an ocean, like a mountain.

THIS is the unstoppable woman, the one to whose truth and leadership there can be no resistance. In coming home to the body like this, one comes home to the earth as well, and there can be nothing but truth here, a loyalty to all earthlings, a knowing of how to move forward that comes from the evolution and the love of thousands before us...

But how does SHE save the world, you ask? And this is truly the point.

She alone cannot. But WE can. Each of us awake and reinstated within her own body–– an empress of her own cave palace–– is now attuning to the rest, because this is the way of the body and the wondrous earth: Like a tide responding to the moon, women and she-wolves are beginning to organize WITHOUT organizing, an invisible dance ignites, much like the formation of starling birds in the sky. To move in a pack, in a flock, is not a learned way. It is a natural consequence of belonging deeply in one's own wild body.

So like this, communicating without language or planning, from the many rooms and communities and cities and villages, forests and temples where women are now in the practice of TAKING THEIR BODIES BACK, there begins to rise a pack, a flock, and it joins many others, an unplanned yet rhythmic and synchronized phenomena of freed-up bodies and earthly longings, unpredictable yet precise like mathematics, a formula to which we are only one side of the equation, and on the other there is a new order, a new world, shaping slowly, unstoppably. It is beyond us, and yet with us, because of us. It is the Earth's way to show the way...

There is nothing to be done about this but to join in. Those who turn away will just be met by more of it. Nothing can stop this soft hurricane of epic proportion that has already risen from making a landfall.

With you in it,

Stefana Serafina

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