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with Stefana Serafina, M. A.


Maribor, Slovenia: July 6+7 2019, @ Sončna vila, Registration Closed  

Copenhagen, DENMARK:  July 12–14 2019, @ Be Moved Studio, Registration Open

Amsterdam, NETHERLANDSAug 23–25, 2019 @ DeRuimte,   Registration Open   

Oslo, Norway:   Aug 30–Sept 1, 2019 @ Qigongsenteret,  Registration Open




During this weeked immersion with  embodied empowerment teacher, researcher, and writer Stefana Serafina, we will reconnect to our deep bodies as the  intelligent, intuitive, self-organizing living systems constantly in contact with the deeper dimensions of the psyche and the natural world. Stefana brings her unique model of the Deep Body and the transformative movement– and earth–based  embodiment practices to Europe once a year.


This summer, during all European immersions we will emphasize a renewed experience and understanding of eros, the erotic nature of life, earth, and being, and the erotic legacy of the female form as a way of waking our most inherent and purposeful capacities. Stefana will share for the first time in Europe the “Nesting with Eros” work and practices, which are at the foundation of her upcoming book with the same title. Please note that we are seeking to rediscover and reclaim a revolutionary and unparalleled understanding and experience of eros and the erotic nature, a clear departure from the unjust cultural definitions and new age exploits that saturate our perception of the erotic at this time.




Seeing with the body is to attune to the sense-based intelligence that surrounds us. It means to know deeper than our thoughts. To attune to the feminine language of life. To be able to access dimension and felt knowing through the sensuous vessel that homes our being, and connects us to the living web of life.


In the ancient Latin language, true  intelligence was described by the verb sentire, which meant  to feel, to perceive, and to know, all at once.  Seeing with the body is just that: To know with our whole being, to live in our "deep body", the meeting place of mind, senses, emotions, eros, and wild psyche;  to sense and know beyond the visible and the understandable, and to not only trust but to thrive in this form of intelligence.  


Through uniquely designed embodied investigations, intuitive and creative movement and dance, sensual anatomy practices, myth and storytelling, full-body enactments and witness work, we will practice the deep re-inhabitation of our feminine nature and psyche, reinstating ourselves into the fabric of flow and wholeness as our primary nature. We will work with powerful practices to expose the disconnect and body-armoring that we have normalized within, and untie the knots of tension and restriction held in the body, so we can re-invite our remarkable sensitivity, inner body seeing, and sensual genius as higher forms of intelligence.


Engaging with the different layers of the deep body–– visceral, sexual, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual––we will explore layers of inner knowing, in fact and mystery, rekindle the fluidity and sensuousness that are native to our inner ecosystems, and cultivate lasting skills for living as embodied, empowered, and sensually expressed women who remain connected to their deep life while leading on the edge of social change.

If you have participated in this or other experiences led by Stefana in the past, this workshop will offer new depth, new practices, and expand on previously explore material.


Read more about our work and the approach at large.










  • Learn practices for cultivating the body’s stamina and prime the body as the instrument for perception and fluidity

  • Begin (or continue) recovering the depth of the senses and the intelligence available through the felt self

  • Rekindle the deep life of eros within your body, and explore the forces of your desire and longing, as path for exquisite relatedness to all of life

  • Uncover body armoring and the shapes of closure in your body-mind  systems and learn skills to restore flow and nourish it continuously

  • Engage in the inherent intelligence of the female anatomy as record-keeper  and transformer 

  • Explore the deep connection and mirroring between your body and the Earth, and come into an (even more) conscious and powerful body-to-body dialogue with the living Earth.

  • Work with the symbols, signals, and archetypal guidance of your deep psyche

  • Practice ‘seeing with the body’ for ourselves and for others

  • Reconnect with an aspect part of the feminine nature that has been long silenced by cultural normalcy.



  • A new body story: A love story in which your body is the soulmate, the sage, the ally. 

  • An extraordinary sense of living in and from your depth, and a new relationship to your erotic nature

  • Transformative personal insights to support you in living your greater myth

  • New skills for walking your mystical path with practical feet

  • A nourished heart and body 

  • An experience of unquestionable belonging 



Yes, we hold this immersion in the embrace of safe, nurturing, and loving sisterhood. We are committed to each other’s growth and well being. You rise, we rise.



I experienced the most profound heart opening of my life!

                                                                                ––– Kitania Nottke, California  


Working with Stefana has changed my life. It was not a shift that was spoken in words. It was moved, felt, embodied, lived. It is infusing into the way I teach. The way I love. The way I speak. And  the best part is that is not a system I had to master. It was an opening up to life. So simple. So powerful. So real.

     –– Carina Lyall, Denmark 

I came to Stefana's work emotionally, physically and mentally depleted.  Stefana's teaching and ways  was completely new to me, yet it was in her your workshop that I discovered a sacred dwelling place within me filled with everything I needed to recover my life and elevate it to a place of wholeness and well-being. It was nothing but life-changing for me!"  

–––Joyce R. Hunt, Georgia, U.S.


Stefana is a timeless and multidimensional facilitator, and her skills in providing space and exercises to bridge one's inner world and outer world are unlike anything I have ever experienced before. Expect to explore deep and uncharted waters within yourself!

––Allison Mezen, Los Angeles  

Thank you, Stefana for your work: These embodiment practices have lead to the most powerful shifts in my life. I now love to move stories and issues in my body and move through what before seemed impossible to face.  I've transformed a core issue in my life. I am not taking any decisions without asking my body first!" 

––Anja Kruger, Berlin, Germany

Words do not come close to the depth of power, healing and liberation I am experiencing in our sacred time together. Thank you, thank you!   

––Haley Wilson, California 



Stefana Serafina, M.A., is an embodiment educator, writer, and embodied empowerment facilitator based in the San Francisco Bay. ​She is recognized for her unique and multi-faceted approach to body–based self–discovery and transformation, weaving together movement and embodied journeying, expressive arts approaches, earth and nature-centric practices, sensuality and mystery traditions, embodied archetypal psyche, dance, circle, and ritual.


She is the founder of Intuitive Body and Dance ©, which has grown into an international platform providing resources, experiences, and education for returning to our bodies’ inherent intelligence, creative and intuitive genius, and sensuous wisdom. For over a decade, Stefana has been teaching and facilitating transformative, movement-based embodiment in California, Europe, Central America, and online, and developing the Deep–Body model that is at the foundation of the work.

Stefana’s facilitation and teaching have been called  "life-changing and life-giving", "exquisite and evocative",  "deeply penetrating and rekindling", a "masterful invitation to the timeless remembrance of who we are".
Stefana also hosts and produces the Embodied Way Podcast, and authors the Embodied Way Blog.  

Read Stefana's full bio and meet her in a video

QUESTIONS about the work and the practice?

Email us at



Maribor, Slovenia 

Sat/Sun, July 6+7, 2019 


The warm and welcoming Soncna  Vila (sunny Villa) is the perfect space for our deep work. Space limited to 15 women. 

Sat 10–18 h, Sunday 10–17 h

Full rate  €145


To register or ask a Q, please  contact our collaborating organizer: 


Vida Vocina 

Oslo, Norway

Fri–Sun, Aug 30-Sep 1, 2019


Qigong Center

Grønlandsleiret 14, 0190 Oslo 

Join us in the lovely ambiance of Qigong senteret, a beautiful and nurturing space in central Oslo.  

Friday 18-21 h, Sat 10–17 h, Sunday 10-16h

Early rate by Aug 1: 2700 NOK/ 315 USD

Regular Rate:  3100 NOK / 355 USD

To register or ask a Q, please  contact our collaborating organizer: 


Marija Bjorgeseter

Copenhagen, Denmark

Fri–Sun, July 12–14, 2019


Be Moved Studio

 Suomisvej 2, 1927 Frederiksberg

The lovely Be Moved studio offers a gorgeous and intimate indoor and outdoor space in one of the finest parts of old Copenhagen.

Friday 18-21 h, Sat 10–17h, Sunday 10–16h

Early rate by June 12: 2500 DKK

Regular Rate:  2800 DKK

To register, or ask a Q, please  contact our collaborating organizer: 


Carina Lyall

 Amsterdam, Holland

Fri–Sun, Aug 23/25


De Ruimte

Weesperzijde 79A, 1091 EJ Amsterdam

The lovely Ruimte offers us "space of light and harmony" for this in-depth weekend in Central Amsterdam while amidst gardens.


Friday 18-21 h, Sat 10–17h, Sunday 10–16h

Early rate by Jul 17: € 275

Regular Rate:  € 325

To register or ask a Q, please  contact our collaborating organizer: 


Sitie Djarkasi

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