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Flame Keepers

A Virtual Community for Deep Body Movement
& Embodied Soul Work 

Flame Keepers is a participatory village, offering live weekly spaces for deep-body movement & transformative embodiment practice & soul work, facilitated by practitioners of our Deep Body Collective. This is now an ongoing membership open to women and non-binary femmes of all ages, with a minimum 6-month commitment.

Join any time, stay a while.

Flame Keepers is currently closed to new members. 

Changing moons, 
the world of your body,
your moving stories,
your soul made visible,

our embrace to hold you. 

we- your pack-
waiting to meet you
in-between the worlds–

In that forgotten territory-
of instinct and wild psyche and soul,
always ours in the first place–

Where our bodies 
roam together
free &  uncensored, 

Where we slowly blend 
with the mythos  
and the soul 
of the land.

We must live there again… 

Flamekeepers Free Into

Flame Keepers gives you access to our entire live and recorded content for only $61 a month if you register till November 30 2023!

This includes:

  • 2- 3 live calls each month (more about these live calls below)

  • One-off courses and special ceremonies with our founder Stefana Serafina throughout the year, including the signature Sensual Root (recorded June 2023) and the popular Mythic Woman Dances Journeys (live Nov/Dec, 2023) and Desire of the Deep Yin winter solstice ceremony.

  • Our Digital Library with prerecorded workshops and practices to enjoy on your own time

  • A private Facebook community for discussions and connection


What the Flame Keepers Village Offers You

      How others have been changed by the work                                         

“This is a space in which the holy depth of all that we are can arise. A deep remembering. An opening into the field of higher consciousness through the body. A deep seeing!"

Amala Juli,
Herbal Medicine Maker & Artist,  Berlin  

Flame Keepers is a Belonging Village 


Step in any time, and stay a while. 
Once you join us– from wherever you are in the world– you hold a thread in our tapestry together, and we share the Journey.


We have a 6-month minimum commitment, so you can experience the depth and transformative nature of our work, and develop real relationships in our community. This will be a time to connect– with your body, with your deeper self, and with our people. A time to be nurtured, witnessed, and made visible in all of your soulfulness– full body. A time to be guided to unprecedented places by your deep body and embody new patterns of aliveness, presence, and joy.   

We welcome you into a diverse community of seekers, practitioners, healers, artists, therapists, mothers & grandmothers, makers, witches, and coaches, who are united by their desire to live in the wisdom of their  bodies, rooted in the embodied feminine and earthly ways. 

You get access to our entire live and recorded content​​This includes at least 3 live video calls each month– weekly on Thursday– including Deep Body Movement Temples, Embodiment Community Councils, and Village Practice Calls, as well as one off signature courses with our founder Stefana Serafina, special ceremonies & rituals, and our extensive digital library- all at your fingertips.

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 Flame Keepers invites you to

  • Improve both fitness level and somatic awareness: Strengthen your body’s physical vitality and its inner voice 

  • Engage with your life’s most important questions in a an embodied and creative way 

  • Connect to the intelligence of your deeper body and its physical, emotional, intuitive, sensual, and archetypal “skins”

  • Let your intuitive deep body movement express your instincts, emotions, sensuality and inner knowing, and guide you to unprecedented places of self-understanding, healing, and embodied wholeness 

  • Develop a relationship to the deep feminine flow in your body, and root your life in its nature  

  • Align deeper with your soul path, and cultivate your leadership 

  • Be nurtured, witnessed, and supported by a committed international community of fellow seeker

All live calls + our resources are recorded and available ​to you via our Flame Keepers Portal 

Our invitations in depth


Monthly live Deep Body Movement Temple

Here we train and develop the physical body’s capacity through dance & strengthening + deep body stamina practices, and then we journey through the deeper & less visible inner layers of the body that open up when we move. We let our bodies tell the true stories of our lives, capture shapes of emotion, desire, and soul, and bring us the insights and guidance we’ve been needing. This monthly temple honors our bodies’ need to express physically in order to to be connected to the deeper layers of who we are as erotic & emotional beings, mystics, storytellers, visionaries, and soul seekers.  


Embodied Community Councils 

These interactive live online gatherings around the virtual fire are an opportunity for us to face together the most charged themes of our lives, including grief, body image, sexuality, self-trust, sovereignty, getting older, raising children- or not, and other experiences that are enriched through connection and the support system of a community. Facilitated by members of our collective– skilled  therapists, coaches, healers and guides, these councils offer us a potent space to discuss, hear and be heard, and make the change you have longed for in some of these quintessential themes of your life. 

s-88 copy.jpg

Special Courses & Workshops w/ founder Stefana Serafina 


These immersions are portals to the soul of deep body- and the heart of our work!– and are open to non-members, including your friends– but are free only for the Flame Keepers.  These include our recorded Sensual Root 6-week course,  the Mythic Woman Portals coming up live in Nov and Dec, and other seasonal offerings. With Stefana's guidance, you get to explore the deepest themes and questions of our lives through a combination of deep-body journeys, ancient myths in motion, witnessing practices, archetypal work, writing, and discussion. 

s-88 copy.jpg

Village Practice

Come move freely & intuitively with your life’s most charged questions. Let your body tell your dreams and forgotten longings. Let us mirror back to you the new and deeper dimensions of who you are becoming. Witness and be witnessed, deepen into vulnerability and intimacy with your village. The Village Practice will offer powerful structures for moving deeper with what is arising in your life, to deepen your inquiries and align with your soul path, while relying on the power of Witness– one of the signature  elements of our work.

Digital Library

As a Flame Keeper, you will have access to our digital library which includes recordings of all of our live calls, as well as additional audio practices, workshops and lessons to experience on your own time. With these resources available, you will always have material to engage with to support you in living a deeply embodied life. 

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Community Connection

Ours to enjoy is also a private Flame Keepers Group via our private Facebook portal, so we can keep the conversation real and alive.  

Church Candles

To sum it all up, here is what you receive

Flame Keepers gives you access to our entire live and recorded content for only $61 a month! This includes:

  • At least 3 live Thursdays calls each month, which include Deep Body Movement Temples, Embodiment Community Councils, and Village Practice Calls

  • One-off courses and special ceremonies with our founder Stefana Serafina throughout the year, including Sensual Root  (recorded June 2023) and the Mythic Woman Dances Series (coming up Nov and Dec 2023) 

  • Our rich Digital Library with prerecorded workshops to enjoy on your own time

  • A private online community portal for discussions and connection




  • Our core offerings are scheduled live on the second, third, and fourth Thursdays of each month, 9:30-11am Pacific, 18:30-20h Central European Time

  • The special workshops and ceremonies with Stefana will be announced throughout the year

  • On occasion, we will host guest presenters on the first Thursday of the month.

  • All calls will be recorded and available to the Flame Keepers community 



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