Flame Keepers
A Belonging Membership 

Flame Keepers: A participatory village, an incubator for mutual growth &connection,

a community hub centered in deep-body movement,
transformative embodiment practice & soul work. 
We are open to womb-carriers of all ages, regardless of gender identification.

Flame Keepers

We begin with a free  month in October 2022
Flame Keepers is a Deep-Body Belonging Membership with a 6-month minimum commitment We open doors once a year for 6 months, and all who join us journey together. After the free 'open house' in October, we will continue as a closed-group membership starting November 10.

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Seven moons.

The world of your body.

Your moving stories,

your soul made visible,

our embrace to hold you.

We- your pack- are waiting to meet you

at the edge of the invisible... 

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 Flame Keepers At a Glance

"I hadn’t recognized how much my spirit yearned to speak through my body."
                                                             Nicole D'Ana

“This is a space in which the holy depth of all that we are can arise. A deep remembering. An opening into the field of higher consciousness through the body. A deep seeing!"

Amala Juli,
Herbal Medicine Maker & Artist,  Berlin  

Flame Keepers is a "Belonging" Village 


with a 6-month minimum commitment 

We open doors once a year for 6 months, and all who join us journey together. 

Once you join us– from wherever you are in the world, you hold a thread in our tapestry together, and you are woven in with us for the six months.


This will be a time to connect– with your body, with your deeper self, and with our people. A time to be nurtured, witnessed, and made visible in all of your soulfulness– full body. A time to be guided to unprecedented places by your deep body and embody new patterns of joy, aliveness, and presence.   

You will be welcomed into a diverse community of seekers, practitioners, healers, artists, therapists, mothers & grandmothers, makers, witches, and coaches who are united by their desire to live in the wisdom of their  bodies, create new models for a meaningful and joyous life rooted in feminine and earthly qualities–

 and lead the way as agents of embodied social change. 

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In Flame Keepers, you will: 


Let it choose your pace, make your decisions, and connect you to your deeper life & its "other" intelligence

MOVE & EXPRESS your body's instincts, emotions, and inner knowing, and let her GUIDE YOU to unprecedented places of self-understanding, healing, and coming whole 

CONNECT – with yourself and with our people. Let yourself be NURTURED, witnessed, & supported as you become visible in all of your soulfulness– full-body.

​Cultivate  your body’s STAMINA,  STRENGTH, and physical awareness as gateways to your deeper inner strength 

Cultivate WHOLENESS- discover, reclaim, embrace, and live all parts of you

Make the CHANGE you've been needing

 CONNECT with other  women and non-binary people from around the world


All live calls + our resources are recorded and available ​to you via our FlameKeeper Portal