Flame Keepers

Flame Keepers is 

a participatory village, an incubator for mutual growth &connection,
a community hub centered in deep-body movement and transformative embodiment practice & soul work. 
We are open to all womb-carriers, regardless of gender identification.

The other word for membership is belonging.
Belong with us!

 Flame Keepers At a Glance


Flame Keepers begins November 6 2022.

Registration opens in September. We will offer a free month of Flame Keepers in October.
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"I hadn’t recognized how much my spirit yearned to speak through my body."
                                                             Nicole D'Ana

“This is a space in which the holy depth of all that we are can arise. A deep remembering. An opening into the field of higher consciousness through the body. A deep seeing!"

Amala Juli,
Herbal Medicine Maker & Artist,  Berlin  

Flame Keepers is a "Belonging" Village 


with a 6-month minimum commitment 

You can join us any time, once we begin in November 2022, or as soon as October when we are holding a free month of Flame Keepers.


Once you join us, you stay a while– from wherever you are in the world. You hold a thread in our tapestry together. 


This will be a time to connect– with your body, with your deeper self, and with our people. A time to be nurtured, witnessed, and made visible in all of your soulfulness– full body. A time to be guided to unprecedented places by your deep body and embody new patterns of joy, aliveness, and presence.   

You will be welcomed into a diverse community of seekers, practitioners, healers, artists, therapists, mothers & grandmothers, makers, witches, and coaches who are united by their desire to live in the wisdom of their  bodies, create new models for a meaningful and joyous life rooted in feminine and earthly qualities–

 and lead the way as agents of embodied social change. 

See all details below

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In Flame Keepers, you will: 


Let her choose your pace, make your decisions, and connect you to your deeper life & its "other" intelligence

MOVE & EXPRESS your body's instincts, emotions, and inner knowing, and let her GUIDE YOU to unprecedented places of self-understanding, healing, and coming whole 

CONNECT – with yourself and with our people. Let yourself be NURTURED, witnessed, & supported as you become visible in all of your soulfulness– full-body.

​Cultivate  your body’s STAMINA & STRENGTH, and physical awareness as gateways to your deer life and body-  with our Deep Body Workouts

Cultivate WHOLENESS- discover, reclaim, embrace, and live all parts of you

Make the CHANGE you've been needing

 CONNECT with other  women and non-binary people from around the world


All live calls + our resources are recorded and available ​to you via our FlameKeeper Portal 


The Details 

Your 6 Months with the Flame Keepers 

WHEN We open doors on November 6. Most of our calls & councils will take place primarily on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month 9-11 am Pacific time. Our immersive events are scheduled on Sundays, and some presentations will be scheduled as needed.


Monthly live Deep-Body Movement Workouts®– with Stefana Serafina

Each time, our 1.5 hr live call with Stefana will begin with a ‘Deep-Body workout’ - training  and developing the physical body’s capacity through dance & strengthening + deep body stamina practices. We will have a lot of fun with this!  After the ‘workout’, we work inward– with a journey through the deeper & less visible layers of the body that open up when we move–the emotional body, the sensual animal body, the perceptive & instinctual body, and the more mythic and archetypal “skins'' of our being– the universal human who has lived for millennia and is remembered in the skeletal psyche of our bodies. 


We will let our bodies tell the true stories of our lives, capture shapes of emotion, desire, and soul, and bring us the insights and guidance we’ve been needing. This monthly workout honors our bodies’ need to be strong, active, and energized physically in order to to be connected to the deeper layers of who we are as erotic & emotional beings, mystics, storytellers, visionaries, and soul seekers.  

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s-88 copy.jpg

Edge-Walks + Mythic Woman Portals 
w/ Stefana

These immersions are portals to the heart of our Institute’s work, and are open to our non-members, including your friends– but are free only for the Flame Keepers.  

During Edge-Walks, we explore the deepest themes and questions of our lives – from love and longing to sacred work & purpose, to life’s thresholds and turning points– through a combination of deep-body journeys, witnessing practices, personal coaching & counseling, archetypal work, and discussion.  The Mythic Woman portals offer an encounter with a distinct mythic woman each time, how she lives in each of our bodies uniquely, what assignment she has for this part of our lives, and the medicine she needs to give to and through us for this part of our lives. 

They are live online half-day events, usually on Sunday, several times a year.

(See all about Edge-Walks and Mythic Woman Portals: LINK both)

Movement Witness Village:
A bi-monthly gathering facilitated by Katy or Stefana

Come move freely & intuitively with your life’s most charged questions. Witness and be witnessed - see and be seen - by your village in the ways you have always longed for. The Movement Witness Village will offer powerful structures for movement & witnessing– one of the signature  elements of our work.


Let your body tell your story, and let us mirror back to you the new and deeper dimensions of who you are & how you are meant to belong in the world.

Scheduled once every two months.

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Community Councils & Rituals
with guides from our Collective

These interactive live online gatherings around the virtual fire are an opportunity for us to face together the most charged themes of our lives, including grief, body image, sexuality, self-trust, sovereignty, getting older, raising children- or not, and other experiences that are enriched through connection and the support system of a community. 

Facilitated by various members of our collective– skilled  therapists, coaches, healers and guides, & members like you– these councils will offer us a potent space to discuss, hear and be heard, move with and heal some of these quintessential themes of our lives. 

Scheduled once every 3 months.